Apple Debuts New ‘Apple Pay’ Ad in Ongoing ‘If It’s Not An iPhone’ Campaign.

Apple today debuted a new iPhone-focused video featuring Apple Pay as part of its ongoing “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” advertising campaign. The video, available on the company’s YouTube channel, features an iPhone being used to make different Apple Pay purchases.

The iPhone is centric to the video and is shown going through several different Apple Pay transactions as a voiceover explains Apple Pay and its features in a clever rhyme. At the end of the video, Apple ends with its latest signature tagline, “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.”

This is an iPhone. And this is Apple Pay. Which lets you shop in a faster, simpler way. For groceries, and kicks, toys, and your lunchtime fix. It’s safer than a credit card and keeps your info yours. And you can already use it in over one million stores.

“Apple Pay” is the fifth ad in this particular campaign, which focuses on the different capabilities of the iPhone. Other videos in the series have included “Loved,” “Hardware & Software,” “Amazing Apps,” and “Photos & Videos,” each with catchy music, visuals, and voiceovers.

In addition to its latest video ads, Apple also recently introduced a new iPhone-oriented web campaign, “Why There’s Nothing Quite Like an iPhone,” focusing on features that differentiate the iPhone from competing products. The mini site highlights the iPhone’s integration of hardware and software, wide range of apps, camera, resistance to malware, Touch ID, and Apple Pay.

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