Bus-ted! Coach driver fired for using iPad at 60 mph


Talk all you want about the declining market share of the iPad, but some people are still willing to risk their life over Apple’s breakthrough tablet device.

One such person is Irish coach driver Sean Purcell, who recently lost his job after CCTV showed him driving his coach with his elbows at more than 60 miles per hour so that he could operate his iPad.

Now that’s a true Apple fan. Wait, what?

CCTV cameras on Purcell’s Aircoach showed him first taking his hands off the steering wheel to reach for his iPad, and then continuing to drive either one-handed, or using his elbow, so that he could play on it.

He was fired over the incident, but later tried to argue it was an unfair dismissal — only to have that objection overruled by an Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) hearing.

Purcell had argued that there should have been no problem with him using the iPad because “it was not a mobile phone he was using.” We guess he hadn’t heard about drivers being ticketed for using next-gen technology like Google Glass while on the road.

In the end it was ruled that Purcell was, “not fully concentrating on the road in front of him, which constituted a serious breach of health and safety procedures and endangered other road users.”

Fortunately, his coach was empty at the time of the iPad incident, but that doesn’t excuse dangerous driving.

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