The popSLATE Is a Second Screen for Your iPhone.

The popSLATE case is a second screen for your iPhone. Use it for grocery lists, gym schedule, workout routines, or to display your favorite pictures. When the folks at popSLATE sent over the case a few weeks ago, I had no idea how useful I would find it! I’ve found a ton of uses for it, and I’m finding more every day.

The popSLATE iPhone 6 case ($129) connects to your phone via Bluetooth and gives you a second screen (black and white–like a Kindle) to display important information like boarding passes, grocery lists, and other things you’ll need to refer to quickly or often. Because the information is on the back of your phone, you won’t be turning your phone on and off, searching for different apps, or scrolling through your photo albums for images that you need. Here’s how I’ve been using it.

  • Grocery List: I’m always getting distracted when I grocery shop because I use an app on my phone for my list. When someone texts, or a notification comes in, I usually pop over to see what it’s about, causing me to waste time attempting to multitask. Using the popSLATE case as my grocery list, I keep my phone face down in the cart and stay on task.
  • Gym Classes: During the week, I switch my popSLATE to show my gym’s schedule so I can glance and view their schedule at a moment’s notice—no excuses for missing!
  • Boarding Pass: Saving my boarding pass as my popSLATE image allows it to be quickly accessed and scanned by security agents.
  • Workout Routines: I love saving my workout routine so I can stay focused while lifting weights and not drain my battery by repeatedly waking my phone up to look.

popSLATE second screen

Here’s how the popSLATE works:

1. Connect your phone to the popSLATE via Bluetooth.

2. Using the popSLATE app, browse other user’s images or upload your own.

second screen iPhone

3. Find the image you’d like shown on your popSLATE second screen and tap “pop.” Your image is immediately sent to the popSLATE screen.

iPhone second screen

The slideshow feature allows for eight images to be stored on the popSLATE device and then cycled through using the small button on the side, no connection needed. By going into the app under Me and then under Slate you can choose to clear all image on that are saved on your popSLATE, and save eight more


  • So many uses!
  • Sleek two-piece design
  • Easy access to charging and headphone ports
  • I love the quick change slideshow button



  • Case isn’t as protective as I’d like. I’d love to see a silicone inner layer or more screen protection.
  • Sometimes there is a “ghost” image on the screen of the image before. I find that choosing a dark image and then replacing it with the image you’d like will clear that up—it’s not a huge deal to me.

The Final Verdict:

I love it! I’m buying one for my husband for Christmas this year, and am finding more and more uses for the popSLATE as time goes on.

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