Mount shows use of Apple Watch not all in the wrist.

This Apple Watch mount by accessory manufacturer Satechi will fit on steering wheels and handlebars.

Maybe your Apple Watch doesn’t always do its best work on your wrist. There are functions and situations that need rapt attention, making looking down at your wrist inconvenient, or even risky.

For those moments, the Apple accessory manufacturer Satechi has come up with an Apple Watch grip mount, ideal for bike and motorcycle handlebars, steering wheels and treadmills.

The Apple Watch mount puts the functions in front of you.

Satechi today released the all-black mount – which, when paired with the Apple Watch, looks like a chunky ring – on its website for $14.99.

The grip allows a Watch wearer, especially when driving, to control music, call up Siri and answer calls while keeping their eyes more on the road and their hands off their devices.

The mount rotates 360 degrees and Satechi suggests it could be a nice companion to those with Apple’s CarPlay, which allows drivers to take calls, get directions, respond to messages or listen to music through voice commands or by using a car’s touchscreen, knobs or buttons.

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