This MFi-certified Lightning cable is also one tough keychain.

bbf6806c5656bc26ae40749e6227a354b97a3e72_main_hero_imageWalking out the door without your charger can be as big a headache as forgetting your keys. Solve both problems at once with the Titan Loop, a compact lightning cable that can be tied to anything else you carry around with you. Right now you can get one for $29.95

The  tough-as-nails lightning cable can be folded into a keychain or clipped onto anything from your belt loop to your backpack, making it an always-handy cable that you’ll never forget to leave at home again. The tough little loop is made of super durable, industrial-strength steel, meaning it’s basically impervious to fraying. Plus it carries Apple’s quality approval with MFi-certification.

Pick up this handy, hardy lightning cable for $29.95

Titan's MFi-certified lightning cable is sealed in steel, meaning it'll never fray.

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