What if Apple released an Apple TV Pro?

Martin Hajek's latest concept gives the Apple TV an iPhone 6-like design.

Earlier today, we saw a gorgeous concept for what the new Apple TV’s iOS 9-driven interface could look like, courtesy of Andrew Ambrosino.

Now, Martin Hajek – the designer behind the most drool-worthy Apple concepts around – has teamed up with Ambrosino to give us a look at what he imagines the Apple TV hardware itself will look like.

No surprises here: it’s gorgeous. And while it’s probably not what the new Apple TV will actually look like, I’d love to buy this if Apple released it as an Apple TV Pro.

In Hajek’s concept, the new Apple TV will feature a more organic design that ismore of the iPhone 6’s design language, right down to a Touch ID button on the front of the remote, which also boasts a touchscreen.

On the back of the remote is a d-pad and dedicated buttons, a nod to reports that the new Apple TV will be a potential Xbox killer aimed squarely at gamers.


And here’s what Hajek’s design looks like, running Ambrosino’s interface concept.


I doubt it – it seems a little premium for a set-top box rumored to cost just $149, so I think Apple will ultimately go with something a little more restrained. Previous reports have also suggested the new Apple TV remote will be touch-sensitive, but not have a touch screen.

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