17 tiny iOS 9 tricks everyone should know.

iOS 9 app switcher

Once you get your iPhone upgraded to iOS 9, you might be overwhelmed. While iOS 9 doesn’t pack a lot of grand new visual features, the update does include tons of little tricks that make using your iPhone and iPad even more ridiculously easy to use.

Here are all the secret iOS 9 tricks every users should know:

Turn off Siri suggestions:

Siri’s suggestions are kind of hit-and-miss. If you’d rather not see them at all, you can disable them by going to Settings >> General >> Spotlight Search >> Siri Suggestions, toggle off.

Turn on Low Power Mode manually:

Don’t wait until your battery hits 20% to start conserving battery power. Flip Power Reserve Mode on manually by going to Settings >> General >> Battery >> Low Power Mode.

Find Apple Pay vendors in Maps:


When searching for restaurants and other vendors in Apple Maps, there’s now an indicator that shows whether they accept Apple Pay.

Stream hi-fi Apple Music when using LTE

If you want to hear high quality tunes 24/7 on Apple Music, no matter whether you’re on Wi-Fi or LTE, you can now toggle the 256Kbps setting under Settings >> Music >> Playback & Downloads.

Put iCloud drive on your homescreen:


iCloud Drive isn’t installed as a stock iOS 9 app, but you can still put in on your homescreen. Head over to Settings >> iCloud >> iCloud Drive and turn the ‘Show on Home Screen’ toggle on.

Tell Siri to remind you about what you’re looking at:

If there’s something on your screen that you’d like to be reminded about, like a website, doctor’s appointment, or email, you can now ask Siri to “remind me about this” and she’ll automatically create a reminder by scanning the page for all the info.

Select multiple photos at once:


You don’t have to tap individual photos to select them for deletion anymore. Just tap Select in the upper right hand corner of the photos app, then app and photo and drag your finger over the other photos you want to select.

Zoom in on videos

In iOS 9 you can zoom in on a video the same way you would a photo.

Hide unsavory pics:


If you got some photos you don’t want your friend to see when they’re borrowing your found you can now hide them. Just tap the Share button, then the Hide button at the bottom of your screen and your naughty pics will be hidden from view.

Use Wi-Fi assist to fix slow speeds:


If your Wi-Fi network is super slow, you can have your iPhone automatically switch to faster LTE speeds by going to Settings >> Cellular >> Wi-Fi Assist

Change your HD video speeds:

To increase your video quality you change from 30 FPS to 60 FPS HD video capture. Go to Settings >> Photos & Camera >> Record Video >> 1080p HD 60 FPS to turn it on.

Search Photos with Siri:

Don’t want to dig through your camera roll to find the pics you took in Hawaii? Ask Siri to do by telling her to show you pictures of a certain place or date.

Shut Siri Up


Sometimes you just wish Siri would stay quiet (like during the movies). You can now turn off Siri’s voice feedback when your mute switch is turned to silent. Just go to Setting >> General >> Siri >> Voice Feedback >> Select ‘Control with Ring Switch’

Get transit directions:

If you live in Baltimore, Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Toronto or Washington you can now get public transit directions in Apple Maps.

Unanimate the keyboard:


Jony Ive finally fixed iOS keyboard’s odd shift key by adding a lower case letter animation to the keyboard. If you find that distracting, you can turn it off But if the case-changing letters are too distracting, you can shut it off by going to to Settings >> Accessibility >> Keyboard >> Show Lowercase Keys >> toggle off

Choose which apps you do/don’t want in Spotlight Search:

Not all apps really need to be searched by the universal Spotlight. To avoid searching certain apps, go to Settings >> General >> Spotlight Search, and toggle off the apps you don’t want.

Draw sketches in Notes app:


One of the best new upgrades to the Notes app is you can draw sketches directly on your notes. To do this, just hit the squiggly line icon in the bottom right of an open note.

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