Apple iPhone 6s battery life test

Our Apple iPhone 6s unit arrived earlier this week and we spent some really quality time with the handset. It turned out its A9 chip is a beast, while its new camera is rather unimpressive. The 3D Touch on the other hand is yet to prove itself as a useful innovation.

Apple iPhone 6s

Anyway, the review is live now and it’s time we share the complete battery life breakdown. Are the new chip and new iOS making it up for the smaller battery? Let’s find out.

Our first test gauges the 3G talk time endurance and the iPhone 6s posted a rather mediocre result of 9 hours and 41 minutes.

Talk time

  • Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro 33:20h
  • Meizu MX 4-core 10:00h
  • Lenovo S90 Sisley 10:00h
  • HTC One mini 20 9:58h
  • HTC One X 9:57h
  • Oppo R5 9:45h
  • Apple iPhone 6s 9:41h
  • BlackBerry Z10 8:20h
  • BlackBerry Curve 9380 6:52h

The web browsing performance on the updated Safari app turned out nothing short of impressive, scoring almost 12 and a half hours before the battery went dead.

Web browsing

  • Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G 16:41h
  • Nokia Lumia 1520 12:40h
  • Sony Xperia Z1 Compact 12:37h
  • HTC One (M8) for Windows 12:31h
  • HTC Desire 700 dual sim 12:30h
  • HTC One (M8) 12:29h
  • Apple iPhone 6s 12:27h
  • Sony Xperia T2 Ultra12:17h
  • Sony Xperia Z3 12:03h
  • Nokia XL 11:54h
  • Sony Xperia Z3+ 11:51h
  • HTC Desire 816 11:48h
  • BlackBerry Bold 9790 4:02h

The video playback endurance turned out very good, if not quite as impressive – the iPhone 6s is capable of playing movies for more than 10 and a half hours, before its battery reaches the critical 10%. The test was done at 50% brightness (which is higher than the real 50% mark) and on the default Video app.

Video playback

  • LG G Flex 19:57h
  • HTC One (M8) for Windows 11:15h
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus 11:15h
  • Meizu m1 note 11:09h
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 mini 11:02h
  • Asus PadFone X 11:01h
  • Apple iPhone 6s 10:46h
  • BlackBerry Passport 10:46h
  • vivo X5Max 10:44h
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 10:41h
  • LG G Flex2 10:35h
  • HTC Desire Eye 10:35h
  • Lenovo Vibe X2 5:09h

The iPhone 6s posted very balanced score across all of our tests – it can do about 10 hours of 3G calls or video playback on a single charge, while you can browse on Wi-Fi for half a day. The standby endurance turned out rather average – the phone will last about 8 days on a single charge if left idle.

Apple iPhone 6s

So, the total endurance of the iPhone 6s is 62 hours – an hour better than the iPhone 6. This means 62 hours is how long a single battery charge will last you if you use the iPhone 6s for an hour each of telephony, web browsing, and video playback daily.

Our proprietary score also includes a standby battery draw test, which is not featured in our battery test scorecard but is calculated in the total endurance rating. Our battery testing procedure is described in detail in case you want to learn more about it.

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