With ‘go-go’ in the name, wireless chargers bring quick juice to your iPhone

The PowerGo-Go magnetic charging starts with a bumper case that connects to a cable or charging cradle.

The more your iPhone does, the more it draws from the battery – and that means more time spent hunting for an outlet to recharge.

Batteries will get better one day soon, but until then PowerGo-Go has a line of wireless solutions for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6s models to charge, as the name suggests, on the go-go.

Key to PowerGo-Go’s so-called “ecosystem” is a bumper case that allows for wireless magnetic charging and data transfer. From there, the phone can be charged with a magnetic cable, a charging cradle, a car set or magnetic power bank.

Tech accessory companies are bombarding the market with various solutions to give your smartphone battery a little extra juice. There are portable battery charges, some that store enough power to charge a phone two or three times, as well as phone cases that store some extra power to allow the smartphone user to stretch out battery life.

PowerGo-Go's magnetic charging cradle.

PowerGo-Go claims its products offer 50 percent more charging efficiency and the accessories, designed for virtually every environment is affordable and available on Indiegogo, where the company is trying to raise $15,000 for production.

There are a number of funding scenarios, ranging from $35 for a case and magnetic USB cable to a $120 for the case, cable, charging cradle, a car set and the portable power bank.

PowerGo-Go power bank with magnetic cable.

The charging cradle with charge both the phone or power bank. The power bank also works without a wire, snapping into place magnetically to the back of the phone.

The car mount will work on a windshield or dashboard and rotate in case you need to use navigation on your phone.

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