How to activate AT&T Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone | Cult of Mac

Confused? We're here to help.

AT&T finally activated Wi-Fi calling on its network, allowing iPhone users to seamlessly switch to their local wireless network to place calls when their LTE signal is weak.

Apple added WiFi Calling in iOS 8, but you probably haven’t had a chance to use it yet because the only carrier in the U.S. to support it has been T-Mobile. Now that the nation’s second-largest carrier is getting on board, more iPhone users than ever can take advantage of the feature to place calls anywhere in the United States, free of charge.

Here’s how to turn it on:


1) Go to Settings >> Phone >> Wi-Fi Calling
2) Switch ‘Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone’ to ON.
3) Tap Continue on the AT&T pop-up to activate
4) Scroll through the Terms of Service and tap Accept
5) Enter your Emergency Contact address for 911 calls
6) Tap OK on the next window and Wi-Fi calling should be available in minutes.

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