Luxury aluminum case protects your iPhone, hides your credit card

The ALUMINUM Slider case for the iPhone 6 by Gresso has a secret drawer for a credit card.

Those iPhone cases that hold cash and credit cards are fine as long as you want to look like you’re carrying your mother’s wallet.

Luxury accessories design company Gresso has a solution to return your overriding need to be practical back to cool. It has designed a stylish aircraft aluminum iPhone 6 case that has a hidden slide-out drawer for your cards. Jony Ive might approve.

You may be familiar with Miami-based Gresso as the company whose cases you can’t afford. Gresso makes an 18K Gold and titanium case for he iPhone 6 that starts at an unapologetic $4,000. But its newest case, the ALUMINUM Slider, can provide luxury form and function for around $120.

The ALUMINUM Slider comes in silver, black and rose gold.

There’s even a hard plastic slider case that can be had for around $60. Gresso is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise money to produce the case. Early backers can get the PLASTIC Slider in black, gold or cherry for $49. While the ALUMINUM Slider, in black, silver or rose gold, is currently available for $59.

Of course, Gresso couldn’t resist in making the Slider out of titanium. What will eventually retail for $1,000 now costs $700 on Kickstarter.

The patent pending mechanism on the Slider cases is pretty slick. Simply slide the back panel upend and the thin card draw appears at the bottom. It closes with the reverse action and clicks securely in place.

If you are a constant shopper, you’re going to have to edit your credit card carry. To remain sleek, the Slider drawer holds one card and your photo ID.

The Slider cases are only available for the iPhone 6 and 6S, but Gresso has cases for the 6 Plus and 6S Plus in the works.

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