Wallpapers of the week: Wallpapers inspired by the new Apple Watch TV ads


One of the more popular wallpaper categories, are those images inspired by actual Apple events, banners, website designs, and advertisements. Last week, Apple released seven new Apple Watch TV ads, promoting their popular wearable device. The ads appear to harken back to the original iPod advertising days, with great color schemes and simplistic messages.

Inside, find wallpaper inspired by 12 of the Apple Watch October campaign TV spots. An image is ready for each of your devices.

Apple TV ad wallpapers

Below, each TV ad is placed in line with the inspired wallpaper. Pick your favorites by clicking or tapping the corresponding device name.

Download CycleiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download DanceiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download KissiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download MoveiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download PlayiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download RideiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download SingiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download SkateiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download SprinkleiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download StyleiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download TrainiPadiPhoneApple Watch

Download TraveliPadiPhoneApple Watch

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