This is what a full-screen iPhone 7 could look like

So pretty and such a beast, yeah!

There have been plenty of rumors about Apple creating a bezel-less iPhone, but a new concept by designers DeepMind, in collaboration with SvetApple, may be my favorite yet.

It’s a nifty feature which would keep the iPhone looking like the current model — only with the neat addition of letting users enlarge photos and video right to the edge of their devices.

Check out the video below.

I know that not everyone is a fan of concept videos (I’ll admit that I get annoyed by the ones which make up specs), but this is a pretty great design concept in my opinion. It would certainly be an eye-catching one.

Oh, and yes, I’ll admit that I was initially expecting this to be a sentient iPhone, since it was apparently designed by DeepMind — the AI company Google wolfed down last year for upwards of $400 million. Then I realized it was probably just another company with the same name. Too much confusion for me on a Monday, before I’ve drunk my coffee!


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