Eddy Cue Teases iPad Pro Release at Dropbox Conference

Eddy Cue Speaks with Dropbox Amongst iPad Pro Release Rumors

The Internet is swirling with rumors of the iPad Pro release, slated for November 11. Meanwhile, Eddy Cue sat down at the Dropbox Keynote with CEO Drew Houston. Of course, Cue couldn’t resist pulling out an iPad Pro on stage. Houston said he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the iPad Pro, to which Cue responded, “just a few more days.”

When Apple debuted the iPad Pro in September, the company stated it would be available in November. Now we have a potential release date with the hopes of pre-order availability beforehand. The iPad Pro price starts at $799 and comes in 32 GB and 128 GB ($949) with Wi-Fi only, or you can spring for an LTE-enabled version with 128 GB for upwards of $1000. To complete your bundle, Apple will also sell its Apple Pencil ($99) and Smart Keyboard ($169) separately.

Eddy Cue Speaks with Dropbox Amongst iPad Pro Release Rumors
At the Dropbox Keynote, Cue spoke about Apple’s goal to boost enterprise sales with the iPad Pro. On bridging the gap between devices used at home and devices used at work Cue said, “You take it home with you, you take it everywhere. There’s no longer the ‘enterprise’ in the sense of the products you use there that you don’t use somewhere else. Now you get to use the products everywhere.” Apple has definitely built up the suspence.

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