Boogli: Charge Your iPhone With an Adorable Monster

By far the cutest iPhone dock I’ve seen, Boogli interacts with your phone while it charges, featuring an adorable moving mouth on your screen to compliment the monster it’s docked on. Boogli is currently looking for funders via Kickstarter to bring the little monsters to manufacturing. Boogli functions as a charging dock, it reacts to weather changes, functions as an alarm and nightlight, and notices when you enter the room via Bluetooth.

Simply put, Boogli is a charging station with mobile app system, but really it’s an adorable desk buddy that’s perfect for helping children get into a solid waking-up routine with fun and ease. Boogli even functions as a speaker so you can use your favorite music as an alarm. When you play music from a phone, Boogli lights up with the melody and the monster’s mouth moves to the words.

The company plans to create further educational apps in the future, geared towards kids for fun learning interaction. Personally, I think Boogli has a pretty large market for big kids like myself as well, who think it’s so darn adorable I must have one on my desk. Check out Boogli via the Kickstarter page

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