Your iPhone is the key to this smart padlock

The LockSmart has no key or combo. Just be sure to have the proper app on your smartphone before you lock up your things.

Buy a shiny new padlock and hold in your hand something that hasn’t changed much since the Romans used them 500 years before Christ. The ubiquitous lock has a u-shaped shackle that connects to a body containing a mechanism that locks and unlocks with a key or combination wheel.

Keys get lost and combination codes forgotten so the company Dog & Bone put its own stamp on the padlock, or actually, your stamp, by creating a smart lock that is controlled by an app on your smartphone.

The LockSmart lock looks like any trusted padlock you loop through a link chain or hasp and staple, but high-security Bluetooth, with 128-bit advanced encryption, is the key to security. The lock owner would access their valuables with the SmartLock app (available in iOS and Android) that allows users to unlock using Touch ID, tapping an icon or entering a password.

The user can manage several LockSmart locks from the app or unlock one from a far should a trusted friend or family member need to gain entry.

The LockSmart is secured thanks to Bluetooth with 128-bit encryption.

Just make sure you have enough juice on your phone at the end of the day when you get to your bike or gym locker. The LockSmart lock is made from hardened steel and a die-cast zinc alloy. It is powered by a cell lithium-ion battery, which Dog & Bone says is good for two years or 3,000 unlocks before it would need a recharge. The app, however, will notify when the battery is low.

The lock can be charged via micro USB which is protected from the elements with a waterproof seal. It will retail for $89.95 at RadioShack stores starting next month or at the Dog & Bone website. There is also a LockSmart Mini for $69.95.


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