‘iPhone 7’ Waterproof Rumors Persist Amid Claims of Hidden Antenna Bands

Catcher Technology will remain the largest chassis supplier for the upcoming line of next-generation iPhones, tentatively referred to as the “iPhone 7,” according to the China-based Commercial Times. Sources noted that Catcher’s non-Apple clients, representing about 40 percent of its overall sales, will keep it going until the majority of its output begins with the manufacturing of the iPhone 7 later in 2016. In total, Catcher Technology’s manufacturing supply is estimated to account for 30 to 35 percent of the shipment numbers for the iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 concept mock-up by designer Martin Hajek

The report also mentioned the continuing rumor that the iPhone 7 may be a completely waterproof device, building on the recent momentum that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus had this year that showed improved water resistance. The Commercial Times also spoke of “new compound materials” that would be put in place to form a discreet housing for the iPhone 7’s antenna, suggesting the possible removal of the bands from the back of the current iPhone generation.

As a non S-generation year, the iPhone 7 is expected to be a big step-up from the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, in terms of design and functionality, when it launches next year. Besides a waterproof design and now the possibility of a hidden antenna band, another rumor suggested Apple could be phasing out the 3.5mm headphone jack for an all-in-one Lightning connector port.

How to restore older versions of iOS apps

It's not easy, but you can restore old versions of apps on iOS.

Usually, an app update is a good thing. But sometimes, things go wrong: An update does the opposite of what you expect it to do. In that scenario, you want to roll your apps back, but unfortunately, at least on the iOS and Mac App Stores, Apple makes that seemingly impossible.

But it isn’t impossible — just a little tricky. Here’s how to roll your iOS apps back to an older version when things go wrong.

Over on Medium, Kenny Yin posted a list of instructions on how to legally download any previous version of an App Store app through iTunes.

There’s a lot of steps, so we’ll let you check it out there. But if you’d rather follow a video walkthrough, Jeff Benjamin  has put together a useful explainer of the process.

This isn’t a process most people will need to undertake, but in the off chance you’ve installed an update that has broken your workflow, this could be a real lifesaver.

4 Beautiful Leather Apple Watch Bands

I recently bought myself an Apple Watch. Now it’s time to find the perfect band for my wrist and I’m a sucker for a good leather cuff. For those of us who have expensive taste (I’m looking at your Hermes) but want to stay in a reasonable budget, this is the list for you.

Lowry Leather Cuff ($129.99)

Available for the 42mm Apple Watch, this cuff is gorgeous. I love the stitching and color options. The cuff is made of leather and has a velvet suede interior. Made in the USA, each craftsman personally signs the interior. The leather even has a 25-year warranty. Customers note the high quality but warn that it runs a little small.

iCarercase Double Tour Genuine Leather Watch Band ($39.99)

This genuine leather watch band is particularly budget friendly and retains an overall fantastic quality, according to reviewers. It’s made for the 42mm Apple Watch and is a Coffee color that reminds me of old leather-bound books. If you’re looking for a Hermes knock-off under $40, definitely consider the iCarercase cuff.

Double Tour Apple Watch Band ($125)

Made of smooth, Horween leather this Etsy item looks amazing. This band is available for both the 38mm and 42mm watch, you can choose the color of stitching and watch adapters, as well as selecting your wrist size and color. That’s the beauty of Etsy though. Overall, reviewers love the band and praise fast shipping while noting the leather is stiffer than expected.

Handmade Leather Cuff Band ($99.90)

Look at this beauty; now that’s a cuff if I ever saw one. Handmade of leather with buckle, this watch band looks seriously glorious. You can order the band for a 38mm or 42mm watch. Browsing reviews, it is quite a wide band, but if that’s what you’re looking for, this is a great option.

The Prime strap beefs up Apple Watch’s battery life

The Apple Watch is no exception as it almost always requires a daily charge. Battery bands are becoming a staple accessory, and here’s another one to add to the list — the Prime strap. What’s unique about Prime is that it uses the 6-pin port under the metal shield on the bottom of the watch to charge the wearable.

PrimeThe watch band itself houses two changeable 150mAh batteries on both sides of the band that charge the watch via the 6-pin port. It’s more like you’re placing your Apple Watch into a permanent power bank. Which brings us to the band itself. It looks bulky and is visually unappealing. There’s a stainless steel version and one that’s made of aluminum alloy, which come in two sizes of 38mm or 42mm. They both look like bulkier straps you’d find on old calculator watches.

One Prime battery adds nine hours to the lifespan of the watch, so as the kit includes two, the beefy watch band should extend the battery life by 18 hours. Swapping batteries is pretty simple as all you have to do is tap on the side compartments of the band to open them. Then take the batteries out and pop the new ones in. There’s a color LED light on the strap that displays the status of the battery.

BrilleTark, the makers of this device, launched the Kickstarter recently and has currently made $6,950 of its $30,000 goal.

The company is also offering a Prime Bank, where you can store and recharge your batteries on the go. The batteries take about 2.5 hours to fully charge, and the Bank itself is an all-in-one charger that has a Lighting port so you can charge your phone at the same time. If you don’t want the Bank, the standard kit comes with desktop recharger with a USB charging port and an AC plug.

You’ll also be getting a Prime Toolkit with screws, a screwdriver, and a 6-pin port opener. That’s right, buying the band means you’ll have to put the whole thing together yourself, though it doesn’t look complicated.

And to top it all off is a hefty price tag. The Super Early Bird option lists aluminum alloy variant for $200, and that comes with everything including the Prime Bank. The stainless steel Super Early Bird costs $300. There’s a lot of pricing options to choose from, but it goes all the way up to $380.

It’s a pricey accessory for a bulky watch band, but sometimes the option for a little more juice is worth it.

Future Phones! The iPhone 7 Concept By Eric Huismann

Future Phones! The iPhone 7 Concept By Eric Huismann

We all think ahead, it’s something that is hardwired into our human nature. We wonder what things will be like in the times ahead, and today we get a look at what could be. Today we get a look at The iPhone 7 Concept By Eric Huismann, because, let’s face it, we all want to know! The iPhone 7 Concept By Eric Huismann is just that, a concept; and quite a striking one at that.

The design, The iPhone 7 Concept By Eric Huismann, comes rocking a new slimmed-down design and updated spatial aspects, while boasting wireless AirPods that connect to the device via Bluetooth. The design also finds the standard Home button gone, replaced with one that rocks 3D touch. Other ideas include a miniature, 4-inch version of the phone, as well as the re-introduction of a forgotten colorway: space black. Sounds interesting and looks even more eye-catching. Is this what the future of smartphones will look like? Only time will tell! Check out the design in the images below and speak your mind on it after the jump. Stay tuned for much more news, updates and upgrades coming very soon!


You Can Now Explore 360-Degree Videos On Apple TV, No VR Headset Required

Though 360-degree video has been hot in 2015, the immersive experience has largely been limited to virtual reality headsets, mobile devices, and laptop screens. Now, 360-degree videos are coming to your TV, thanks to a new Apple TV app created by the Disney-backed virtual reality company Littlstar.

Apple TV users can explore any part of the video by using the Siri remote to tweak their viewpoint. They can see a ballerina perform at Lincoln Center, visit Yellowstone and Greenland, or watch a boxing match. Littlstar’s library contains thousands of 360-degree videos produced by major brands like Discovery, National Geographic, Showtime, and Disney, as well as curated content from individual contributors.

“Users can now view 360 videos on their televisions, and experience immersive video the same way they would a traditional TV program,” Tony Mugavero, founder and chief product officer of Littlstar, said in a statement.

As major companies invest in 360-degree video—Facebook recently introduced the medium to its platform and is selling virtual reality spots to advertisers—bringing the format to life on TV screens seems like the next logical step.