Deal Break: Soundfreaq ‘Sound Rise’ Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock

The Soundfreaq ‘Sound Rise’ Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock’s beautiful design and construction will look great on any nightstand. The fact that it will wake you up, charge your mobile device, and has built-in Bluetooth connectivity are just bonuses.

MacTrast Deals: Soundfreaq 'Sound Rise' Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock

Soundfreaq ‘Sound Rise’ Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock (Wood & Taupe) – Start Your Day Out with Soundfreaq’s Award-Winning Sound, a Fully-Charged Phone & More – Just $69.99!

With Soundfreaq, it’s all in the details. From crystal-clear audio to alarm clock features that finally give you the night’s sleep you deserve, Sound Rise is perfection down to every detail. It thinks of everything: adjustable screen brightness to wake you up naturally, can’t-miss snooze buttons, even a nap timer. Plus, Sound Rise charges your phone and connects via Bluetooth. Sweet dreams start with sweet technology.

  • Stream from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Use up minimal space on your nightstand w/ its upright design
  • Enjoy the custom speaker driver’s crystal-clear audio w/ maximum distortion-free volume
  • Charge your phone w/ the >USB power port
  • Set dual alarms: weekday & weekend settings
  • Wake up to streaming audio, FM radio or a chime buzzer
  • Utilize the built-in nap timer, sleep timer & backup battery
  • Adjust screen brightness (full black-out & auto wake up options) w/ custom digits designed to optimize readability

Also available in black! See drop-down on order page for details.

MacTrast Deals: Soundfreaq 'Sound Rise' Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock

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