iSkelter’s Apple TV Station Offers a Stylish Resting Place for Your Apple TV and Siri Remote

If you’re an Apple TV owner, or you have one on your holiday gift list, you’ll want to take a look at the iSkelter Apple TV Station. This eco-friendly bamboo stand attractively keeps your Apple TV and Siri Remote together, ready for action.


It’s a modern docking station for your Apple TV and remote. The clean design and smooth lines create a simple, yet brilliant stand. It features scratch-free, recessed docks for both the remote and the Apple TV. The base is cut from a sheet of eco-friendly bamboo and hand polished for a premium finished product. Apple TV Station is compatible with the new and early generation models.

The Apple TV Station is designed and hand-built in one of my favorite towns, Phoenix, Arizona. It weighs in at 10 ounces, and measures at 9 x .75 x 6 inches, so it should fit on any entertainment center or shelf. Along with every product purchased from iSkelter, you also get a cool little “I Give a Damn” wrist bracelet. So there’s that.


3 Available Models: Combined Unit for Apple TV with Siri Remote, Separated Unit for Apple TV with Siri Remote, Combined Unit for Original Apple TV

Combined Unit: Keep your remote and Apple TV in the same location. A combined unit should rest on the entertainment center or shelf near your television.

Separate Unit: If you prefer storing your remote controls on a side table or coffee table, this model may be for you. It keeps your Apple TV docked by the TV and your remote rests within an arm’s reach away.


iSkelter also makes a similar station for Amazon Fire TV owners, along with stations, lap desks, cases and more made for use with your iPhone and Mac. The Apple TV Station is $29.99, and it appears an order would easily be delivered by Christmas Eve, (this was written on December 16th), so it’s perfect as a last minute gift for the Apple TV enthusiast on your gift giving list.

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