Charge Up to Four Devices with PureGear

 Charge Up to Four Devices with PureGear

The average home has multiple smart devices, often four or more in fact. And the real challenge is powering all of them. There are a lot of clunky multi-device charging stations, so I was pleased to see the USB Charging Station ($49.99) from PureGear. the company makes some elegant accessories for Apple gear, as well as for other devices, that would be right at home in an Apple Store.

USB Charging Station

I liked the USB Charging Station’s compact form factor and attractive design. It’s about the size of a hockey puck, but all in white and with an A/C cable sticking out. That’s nice because you can’t lose it and you don’t need an ugly obstructive wall-wart power brick.  I also liked that it supports up to four power-hungry tablets. You can mix-and-match microUSB and Lightning devices by plugging in your own cables (none are included). Keep in mind that the PureGear USB Charging Station strictly for power, not data, as opposed to a four-port USB hub.


  • Compact form factor
  • Attractive puck-shaped design
  • Supports up to four power-hungry tablets
  • Mix-and-match microUSB and Lightning devices
  • Integrated A/C cable, no wall-wart needed


  • Cables not included
  • Strictly for power, not data

Final Verdict

If you frequently need a multi-device charging station, the USB Charging Station from PureGear is an attractive option and makes a nice stocking stuffer for the family with lots of smart gear.

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