Apple may have accidentally leaked new MacBook Pro 2016

Did Apple accidentally reveal a new MacBook?

Apple gave the world its first-ever peek inside Jony Ive’s super-secret design studio last night on 60 Minutes, but eagle-eyed Apple fans think the company may have revealed more than it intended.

During a very brief shot, taken during Apple’s weekly leadership meeting, a MacBook is seen in the background behind Apple’s general counsel Bruce Sewell that some speculate could be the upcoming 15-inch MacBook Pro.

See for yourself below:


The MacBook display behind Sewell looks larger than the new 12-inch MacBook. The body isn’t as thick as the current 15-inch MacBook Pro model, and the bezel’s margins look thinner than any model we’ve seen. It also sports a Jupiter wallpaper that Apple’s been using to promote the iPad Pro.

It is an out-of-focus shot, though, so the most likely explanation is that it’s simply a regular space gray MacBook.

It’s highly unlikely Apple just had a concept model 15-inch MacBook Pro lying around before the Charlie Rose interview, which would have been heavily controlled by Apple PR. The entire conference room is actually full of Apple’s current products. Everything from the Mac Pro to AirPort Express can be seen briefly in the background of the group interview.

Apple is currently planning to release a new MacBook Pro in mid-2016, with rumors claiming reveal dates as early as March or as late next spring’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

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