You Can Now Explore 360-Degree Videos On Apple TV, No VR Headset Required

Though 360-degree video has been hot in 2015, the immersive experience has largely been limited to virtual reality headsets, mobile devices, and laptop screens. Now, 360-degree videos are coming to your TV, thanks to a new Apple TV app created by the Disney-backed virtual reality company Littlstar.

Apple TV users can explore any part of the video by using the Siri remote to tweak their viewpoint. They can see a ballerina perform at Lincoln Center, visit Yellowstone and Greenland, or watch a boxing match. Littlstar’s library contains thousands of 360-degree videos produced by major brands like Discovery, National Geographic, Showtime, and Disney, as well as curated content from individual contributors.

“Users can now view 360 videos on their televisions, and experience immersive video the same way they would a traditional TV program,” Tony Mugavero, founder and chief product officer of Littlstar, said in a statement.

As major companies invest in 360-degree video—Facebook recently introduced the medium to its platform and is selling virtual reality spots to advertisers—bringing the format to life on TV screens seems like the next logical step.

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