4 Beautiful Leather Apple Watch Bands

I recently bought myself an Apple Watch. Now it’s time to find the perfect band for my wrist and I’m a sucker for a good leather cuff. For those of us who have expensive taste (I’m looking at your Hermes) but want to stay in a reasonable budget, this is the list for you.

Lowry Leather Cuff ($129.99)

Available for the 42mm Apple Watch, this cuff is gorgeous. I love the stitching and color options. The cuff is made of leather and has a velvet suede interior. Made in the USA, each craftsman personally signs the interior. The leather even has a 25-year warranty. Customers note the high quality but warn that it runs a little small.

iCarercase Double Tour Genuine Leather Watch Band ($39.99)

This genuine leather watch band is particularly budget friendly and retains an overall fantastic quality, according to reviewers. It’s made for the 42mm Apple Watch and is a Coffee color that reminds me of old leather-bound books. If you’re looking for a Hermes knock-off under $40, definitely consider the iCarercase cuff.

Double Tour Apple Watch Band ($125)

Made of smooth, Horween leather this Etsy item looks amazing. This band is available for both the 38mm and 42mm watch, you can choose the color of stitching and watch adapters, as well as selecting your wrist size and color. That’s the beauty of Etsy though. Overall, reviewers love the band and praise fast shipping while noting the leather is stiffer than expected.

Handmade Leather Cuff Band ($99.90)

Look at this beauty; now that’s a cuff if I ever saw one. Handmade of leather with buckle, this watch band looks seriously glorious. You can order the band for a 38mm or 42mm watch. Browsing reviews, it is quite a wide band, but if that’s what you’re looking for, this is a great option.

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