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Each Sunday, iDownloadBlog brings you the Wallpapers of the Week. Last week, we decided to take things back to the basics. An all natural selection of Earth images, taken by satellite. It proved to be quite popular and improving on the genre, this week is another selection of nature photography.

Staring at our phones for hours each day, it is easy to forget the natural beauty around us. Knowing we are not going to give up our device habits, simply bring nature to your device. Certainly, taking a hike and breathing the fresh air is best for your health, but capture the natural beauty on your Lock screen.

Forest wallpapers

Blandford Road_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper TheWanderingSoul 1242x2208

Download “Blandford Road”: iPhone

Nocturnal_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Mohsen Kamalzadeh 1242x2208

Download “Nocturnal” via: iPhone

Endor_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper giel 1242x2208

Download “Endor”: iPhone

Piercing Through_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Philippe Clairo 1242x2208

Download “Piercing Through”: iPhone

Wentworth Falls_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper snowiee 1242x2208

Download “Wentworth Falls”: iPhone

Leaked iPad Air 3 case images hint at Smart Connector support, rear camera flash, and more

A new leak spotted by Macoatakara that first appeared on an Alibaba site appears to hint at some potential changes coming with the iPad Air 3. Earlier this month, Mark Gurman reported that Apple announce a new version of the iPad Air at a March press event alongside new Apple Watch models. Now, a leaked case design suggests some of the potential new design changes that the iPad Air 3 could feature when it launches to the public.

The first thing you’ll notice in the image below is that there appears to be a cutout for the Smart Connector. Apple first introduced this connection with the iPad Pro, using it for a more stable and reliable connection for things like keyboards. This case leak suggests that Apple plans to add the Smart Connector to the iPad Air lineup with the March revision.

Another change is that the camera cutout on the back of the case appears to extend further down, perhaps hinting that the iPad Air 3 will gain support for rear camera flash, a feature the iPad Pro does not have. Finally, the leaked images appear to show holes for four speakers, a change that was first reported earlier this month.


Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported last month that the iPad Air 3 would not feature support for 3D Touch due to a production error. Of course, the iPad Pro doesn’t have support for 3D Touch either.

Case leaks are something that should also be taken with a hint of skepticism, as sometimes case makers build designs off of rumored features without any confirmation from Apple itself. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see another source potentially corroborating otherwise sketchy reports.

The iPad Air 3 should launch in March alongside the iPhone 5se and new Apple Watch variants.

Welcome to the Future: Star Trek-Like Food Scanner & Spectrometer

Funded last year on Kickstarter, the Scio ($249) by Consumer Physics will make you feel like you’re on a starship with Captain Picard. This handheld device, about the size of a keychain, emits a blue light that is able to tell you the chemical makeup of an item. It can scan food, plants, medicine, and more. For example, it can tell you the fats, protein, and calories of your meal, the ripeness of an avocado, and whether or not the pill you’re about to take is in fact aspirin.

Scio was featured at CES in Las Vegas the past two years. Kickstarter supporters have been waiting a while to receive the unit they supported, and now you can order it directly from the company’s website. Consumer Physics plans to ship units in May 2016.

The device uses Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy that has been used in labs for years but has never been available to the general public. In a nutshell, the device illuminates a sample and the optical sensor collects the light reflected from the sample. Together, the information is able to analyze how molecules vibrate and send a picture of the chemical makeup straight to your smartphone.

Some of the items that can be scanned by Scio include food, plants, medication, oil and fuels, and plastics. When you scan a sample, the device accesses the Scio cloud to check the database of matter and returns with information. With Scio, you can get nutritional information about different kinds of food, know the well-being of popular plants, and identify medicine or nutritional supplements. In the future, as the Scio database expands and more apps are released, you’ll be able to measure properties of cosmetics, clothes, flora, soil, jewels and precious stones, leather, rubber, and even your pet.

We are definitely living in the future. Want to see the Scio in action? Check out the video below.

Shocking! Apple recalls faulty AC wall adapters

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 15.40.12

If you’re the proud owner of a two-prong Apple AC wall plug adapter, as included in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, you may have a trip to the Apple Store in your immediate future.

That’s because Apple has announced a voluntary recall of adapters designed for use in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Continental Europe, New Zealand and South Korea, after certain models were found to break and put users at risk of electrical shocks.

In addition to the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, the adapters were also shipped with certain Macs and iOS devices between 2003 and 2015. Wall plug adapters for Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States, as well as USB power adapters, are unaffected by the fault.

Affected two-prong plug adapters have either four or five characters, or no characters at all, on the inside slot where it attaches to the main Apple power adapter. You can find more information here.

Fortunately, Apple has only been made aware of 12 potential electric shock incidents worldwide, although it’s taking the step of doing a voluntary recall as a safety measure.

Grab Amazon’s best-selling iPhone and Android Virtual Reality kit for $20 Prime shipped

Thinkline via Amazon offers DESTEK’s latest 3D Virtual Reality Headset with NFC Pairing for $39.99. . That’s good for a savings of more than 50% off the regular going rate and the best current deal that we can find for this kit.

Jump into the world of virtual reality with this deal on DESTEK’s new kit. It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices up to six-inches in size and uses Fresnel lenses, just like the third-generation Oculus Rift. This is the best-selling 3D VR kit at Amazon, ahead of big names like Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. Rated 3.6/5 stars by nearly 800 Amazon customers.

iPhone 7 design: Concept videos imagine the future of iPhone

iPhone 7 Design Concept Videos

Apple posted its report detailing its Christmas quarter earlier this week, prompting many to wonder whether or not Apple is doomed… again. Of course, that’s how many people reacted over the years, insisting on the inevitable demise of the iPhone, Apple’s biggest money maker. That has not happened, and it’s very likely it won’t happen soon.

Apple will continue to sell tens of millions of iPhones each quarter for the foreseeable future, even though sales may dip in some quarters. The iPhone 7 is surely going to be a hot product, and should contribute significantly to Apple’s Christmas 2016 quarter.

The iPhone 7 is going to be better than its predecessors, which is something we can say about any new iPhone. But what we’re mostly interested for the time being is Apple’ brand new design. After all, Apple introduces a dramatic design change every two years.

So while we wait for the iPhone 7 announcement – surely a mid-September affair – let’s check out some iPhone 7 concept videos, including some daring designs but also a few believable creations.

iPhone 7 with edge-to-edge OLED screen with incorporated home button and widgetized iOS 10 

iPhone 7 with stainless steel body, sapphire display, smaller footprint

iPhone 7 with slide-out QWERTY keyboard similar to the BlackBerry Priv – please let nobody consider this design, ever

iPhone 7 with bezel-less display and integrated virtual home button, and Watch-like iOS interface 

iPhone 7 without a physical button. Instead, the Apple logo placed below the bigger display would house the Touch ID sensor

iPhone 7 with edge-to-edge 2.5D display, wireless charging, and no headphone hack

iPhone 7 as an evolution of the iPhone 6, featuring a 5-inch bezel-less display and sexier antenna design on the aluminum back

iPhone 7 with a slimmer body, wireless charging, redesigned rear camera, and a home button that supports additional gestures

iPhone 7 Edge concept that brings over an edge display similar to the Galaxy S6.

Apple iPhone users angered by Safari browser crash – but here’s how to fix it

apple phone

Apple’s native web browser, Safari, is crashing for users around the world. Many angry iPhone and Mac users have taken to social media to report that typing into the address bar is causing the application to suddenly close.

The bug, which doesn’t appear to be a problem for all users, seems to be connected to Apple’s Safari suggestions function, which responds to search requests and Url queries.

A temporary fix for the issue is for users to access settings on their Apple device, and under Safari, disable the suggestions function.

apple settings

An alternative workaround is to enter private browsing mode. This can be done when opening a new tab in Safari. Browsing in private mode will turn the background of the browser black.

The other option is to download a separate browser application altogether, such as Google’s Chrome.

The Guardian has tested iPhones that are both unaffected and affected by the bug.

When a user types into the address bar, the text is sent to servers, which respond with autocomplete search terms, popular sites and other information.

This would suggest the bug’s origins are with the servers. Apple reports no current issues and has yet to respond to the Guardian’s request for comment, but is promising an explanation in due course.

It is unclear whether the bug is related to the 9.2.1 iOS update released earlier this month but it appears not, as all operating systems – various OS and desktop iterations – seem to be experiencing the issue.

Reports of the problem have spread across Reddit, Twitter, Apple forums and social media around the globe, with “Safari” trending on Twitter in various locations.

One user on a Mac forum wrote that: “70% of our Macs in our office have this issue, kind of wiped us out this morning.”

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