New Battery Pack Charges iPhone 6 in Minutes

With CES 2016 underway, the year’s best products are slowly starting to trickle in and among the first is a powerful new battery pack called the iTron. Simpiz, the company behind the device, claims it can be fully charged to 9,000 mAh in just 18 minutes. That means you’ll be able to recharge an iPhone 6 in just three minutes. The developers chalk up this feat to their proprietary Dubi 1.0, a custom chip developed for the company.

What’s more, the lightning-fast battery pack charges on a dock that offers three USB ports, so it can act as its own charging station for multiple devices. The design itself is no less striking as iTron is shaped like a home plate and comes equipped with a sleek grooved surface, looking more like a futuristic electric shaver than a portable battery pack.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on one for at least a few months, as Simpiz plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign next month with tentative early bird-pricing in the $60 range. Retail, meanwhile, is currently set at $89. We’ll be sure to report back once the crowdfunding campaign is up and running.

For more details and to stay up to date, head on over to Simpiz’s pre-launch site.

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