5 Elegant iPhone 6/6s Cases for Professionals

We’re an outdoorsy bunch here, and we love to feature the best in rugged gear for your iPhone. However, I’ve found that, although, I love rugged cases when I need them, I can’t stand to use them when I don’t. On the daily, I want to retain the elegance of my iPhone and add a touch of personality or class with my protective case. These iPhone cases won’t save your phone from water damage, but they’re beautiful and perfectly professional for day-to-day life.

Leather Zip Wallet ($69.95)

Placement for a passport is what sold me with this case for iPhone. It includes four slits for credit cards as well, making it a great option for the business professional who likes to travel light. The tan leather is gorgeous, and I love multipurpose products.

iWood for 6/6s ($89)

Look at this beauty. It’s an all wood, fitted case for your iPhone. They’re carved out of a single block of wood, made in Holland, and available in multiple different types of wood. Each piece is custom, so you can request specific engravings to be added. These will add a serious touch of class to any iPhone user.

Isa Snap-On Wallet ($54.95)

This shock-absorbent case with exterior card slots comes in four different color combinations. The periwinkle and gold edition caught my eye immediately. Wrapped in genuine leather, the case is a slim-fit with raised edge to protect your screen while providing a professional feel.

SurfacePad ($39.99)

Made by Twelve South, the SurfacePad is marketed as a leather jacket for your iPhone. I’m a big fan of Twelve South’s BookBook and generally everything the company creates. Keeping with its high standards, the SurfacePad is a leather case with suede interior that has two card slots on the internal sleeve and doubles as a simple stand. Uniquely, the iPhone attaches with a SurfaceGrip modern adhesive, meaning you won’t have to pop it in and out.

Walnut iPhone Bumper ($59 $16.99)

If you appreciate an iPhone sans case but want to cover the edges beautifully. This minimalist case leaves the front and back of the iPhone exposed while creating a bumper around the edges for style and protection.

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