iPhone 7 design: Concept videos imagine the future of iPhone

iPhone 7 Design Concept Videos

Apple posted its report detailing its Christmas quarter earlier this week, prompting many to wonder whether or not Apple is doomed… again. Of course, that’s how many people reacted over the years, insisting on the inevitable demise of the iPhone, Apple’s biggest money maker. That has not happened, and it’s very likely it won’t happen soon.

Apple will continue to sell tens of millions of iPhones each quarter for the foreseeable future, even though sales may dip in some quarters. The iPhone 7 is surely going to be a hot product, and should contribute significantly to Apple’s Christmas 2016 quarter.

The iPhone 7 is going to be better than its predecessors, which is something we can say about any new iPhone. But what we’re mostly interested for the time being is Apple’ brand new design. After all, Apple introduces a dramatic design change every two years.

So while we wait for the iPhone 7 announcement – surely a mid-September affair – let’s check out some iPhone 7 concept videos, including some daring designs but also a few believable creations.

iPhone 7 with edge-to-edge OLED screen with incorporated home button and widgetized iOS 10 

iPhone 7 with stainless steel body, sapphire display, smaller footprint

iPhone 7 with slide-out QWERTY keyboard similar to the BlackBerry Priv – please let nobody consider this design, ever

iPhone 7 with bezel-less display and integrated virtual home button, and Watch-like iOS interface 

iPhone 7 without a physical button. Instead, the Apple logo placed below the bigger display would house the Touch ID sensor

iPhone 7 with edge-to-edge 2.5D display, wireless charging, and no headphone hack

iPhone 7 as an evolution of the iPhone 6, featuring a 5-inch bezel-less display and sexier antenna design on the aluminum back

iPhone 7 with a slimmer body, wireless charging, redesigned rear camera, and a home button that supports additional gestures

iPhone 7 Edge concept that brings over an edge display similar to the Galaxy S6.

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