Wallpapers of the week: forests

wallpaper of the week forest splash

Each Sunday, iDownloadBlog brings you the Wallpapers of the Week. Last week, we decided to take things back to the basics. An all natural selection of Earth images, taken by satellite. It proved to be quite popular and improving on the genre, this week is another selection of nature photography.

Staring at our phones for hours each day, it is easy to forget the natural beauty around us. Knowing we are not going to give up our device habits, simply bring nature to your device. Certainly, taking a hike and breathing the fresh air is best for your health, but capture the natural beauty on your Lock screen.

Forest wallpapers

Blandford Road_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper TheWanderingSoul 1242x2208

Download “Blandford Road”: iPhone

Nocturnal_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Mohsen Kamalzadeh 1242x2208

Download “Nocturnal” via: iPhone

Endor_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper giel 1242x2208

Download “Endor”: iPhone

Piercing Through_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Philippe Clairo 1242x2208

Download “Piercing Through”: iPhone

Wentworth Falls_iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper snowiee 1242x2208

Download “Wentworth Falls”: iPhone

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