5 Amazing Products from Kickstarter and Indiegogo

It’s time to take a look at what’s happening on Kickstarter and Indiegogo again. Regardless of whether you have money to support awesome projects coming out or not, it’s a neat way to see what’s manifesting on the leading edge of tech. Everyone has amazing ideas and the people on these sites are asking for support to bring those ideas into reality. I constantly see ideas for products I would have never thought of; here’s  projects that I’m amazed by you can support right now.

BearTek Gen II: Wireless Smart Gloves

We’re definitely seeing the huge trend in wearable tech making awesome strides this year. BearTek are smart gloves connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that allow you to control your device by tapping different fingers together. Previously featured on Shark Tank, the gloves were originally implemented for winter sports but are beginning to have much further reaches from bicyclists to rescue personal.

AirVisual Node: The World’s Smartest Air Monitor

The AirVisual allows you to monitor the air quality indoors and out. Not only is air pollution doing major damage to our planet but to our bodies as well. The AirVisual allows you to plan ahead when venturing outdoors and figure out what’s causing poor air quality indoors. Plus, you’re helping to create a larger picture of air quality across our planet as your data is added to the network.


The WonderCube is the Swiss Army Knife of smartphones. It fits easily on a keychain and functions as a charging cable, phone stand, extra memory pack, emergency battery pack, LED mini torch, and more. There are eight functions total that all fit into a tiny cube.

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