Yoink: A great utility for moving files around OS X

Yoink is a utility available on the Mac App Store that I find to be extremely useful. When you begin dragging a file on a Mac with Yoink installed, the utility’s interface appears on the side of the screen. Yoink serves as a temporary holding area for files on your Mac as you move them between apps, folders, and wherever else in the Finder.

There are few apps that I consider to be must-haves on OS X, but Yoink is certainly one of them. Moving files around the Mac is easier with Yoink installed, especially if you make the most of using full screen apps. Watch our video walkthrough inside to see how.

After installing Yoink, it’s just a matter of setting up its preferences to get going. I recommend enabling the option for the app to Launch at login so that it’s always available.

There are also preferences for establishing when the Yoink interface will appear on screen. By default, Yoink is set to appear on the side of the screen whenever you drag a file using your mouse or trackpad. In my opinion, this is the best way to use Yoink.

That said, options are available to make Yoink appear manually via a keyboard shortcut. You can also make the Yoink holding area move to your mouse location when a drag is initiated.


Yoink’s preferences can be further configured by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of its interface. From there, you can establish the location of the holding area window, along with its size.

Items are grouped into a stack when dragging more than one file into Yoink. Grouped items removed from Yoink will thus be removed as a group. If you hover over a stack of grouped files, you’ll see an icon that allows you to break apart all of the items in the stack. Doing so lets you manipulate each item in Yoink as individual files.

Yoink Preferences

Yoink disappears after all of the items in its window have been removed. You can opt to use the sweep button in the bottom right-hand corner of its interface to clean out all items in one fell swoop.

Yoink Preference Panel

Just reading this overview might not portray how useful such an app is, so be sure to watch the video walkthrough above for a visual look into its usage. Simply put, Yoink makes it easier to move files around OS X. If interested, head over to the Mac App Store where it can be downloaded for $6.99.

As a side note, if you’re keen on moving files between full screen apps, but wish to use features found natively within OS X, be sure to check out our tutorial for using Hot Corners with Mission Control.

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