Purported iPhone 7 chassis pictures show redesigned antenna lines, new larger camera

It is new iPhone rumor season once again: Following case leaks for Apple’s next-generation iPhone models last week, expected to debut in fall, an image purports to show technical drawings for the iPhone 7 chassis (via NowhereElse.fr).

The images show the back of the phone. At first glance, it’s worth noting that the horizontal antenna lines on the back of the phone are gone completely. There are still lines along the bottom edge of the device, represented by the lighter line following the curve of the body, but the main straight antenna lines seen on iPhone 6s are not present in these drawings. Looking closely, the images also suggest that the camera has changed for the iPhone 7 …

The size of the camera hole is significantly larger than current phones, indicating an upgrade of some kind. The opening also sits closer to the edge of the phone; the rear camera on current iPhones is more inset into the frame.

People may be disappointed at the apparent lack of a dual-camera system as has been previously rumored, but this image shows a 4.7 inch iPhone 7. Rumors have indicated that a dual-camera system will be reserved for the larger 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus, potentially exclusive to a variant called ‘iPhone 7 Pro’.

According to the source, the phone chassis is also marginally thinner by comparison to current units, even if that dimension is not visible in the leaked images. As usual, approach these images with skepticism.

However, it is important to remember that very similar shots surfaced this time two years ago, ultimately accurately predicting the design of the then-unreleased iPhone 6. This gives the photos some kind of track record and provenance. In addition, there have already been corroborating rumors about the antenna lines change. Nevertheless, it is amusing to see future iPhone designs appear in renders on old Windows PCs.

This morning, NowhereElse also claimed to have found pictures of the iPhone 7 Plus dual-camera component. However, this image actually originates to a blog post from January and there is no ‘smoking gun’ connection between the component and an Apple product. It is likely the component is destined for another manufacturers’ products.

Although much of the iPhone 7 remains unknown as mere rumors, what is known for sure is that Apple will be holding a media event on the 21st March. We expect a new 4-inch iPhone SE to debut, as well as a new 9.7 inch iPad Pro and more. Read our full roundup here and stay tuned to 9to5Mac for full coverage of the announcements.


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