iPhone SE and iPad Pro wallpapers

AR72014 iPad Pro event wallpaper splash

We are excited to bring you a spectacular set of images for Wallpapers of the Week. Apple announced iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro, which comes now in 9.7″ versions. Once the devices were highlighted on the website, several new wallpapers appeared on the device advertisements.

Thanks to some work from our loyal readers, I was able to snag these wallpapers and am excited to offer them to you. Not only are the advertised wallpapers included below, you can also download wallpaper versions from the shot-on iPhone SE image gallery, which is featured on the Apple product page. Step inside for your downloads.

iPhone SE announcement wallpapers

AR72014_iPhone SE black wallpaper splash

DownloadiPhoneApple Watch

Quentin_IOS iPhone SE wallpaper splash

Download via @Quentin_IOSiPhone

The next set of wallpapers are gleaned from the iPhone SE advertising gallery page, that highlights images shot with the iPhone SE camera. A panning gallery window cycles through images that have since been accessed and turned into the following wallpapers by @Axinen. Check out his full website for additional work.

San Francisco Bridge iPhone SE- iPhone

DownloadiPhoneiPad (including 12.9″ Pro)

Sunset iPhone SE left - iPhone


Sunset iPhone SE right- iPhone


Sunset on Desert iPhone SE - iPad (Including iPad Pro)

DownloadiPhoneiPad (including 12.9″ Pro)

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