How to Add and Use VIP Contacts in Apple Mail

VIP Contacts is a feature that that allows Apple device users to only get notifications from important people in their lives, sparing them useless alerts for newsletters and spam. Not only is it useful for whittling down the notifications the desktop Mail app sends, but if you also own an iPhone, VIP settings are carried over to your phone for alerts from the iOS Mail app.

screenshot 2016 06 23 14.46.44

Here’s how to mark a contact as a VIP and tell Apple mail to only send notifications for emails from VIPs.

1. Select a message.

screenshot 2016 06 24 15.58.38

2. Hover over a sender or recipient’s name.

screenshot 2016 06 24 15.58.47

3. Click the arrow that appears to the right of the name.screenshot 2016 06 24 15.58.56

4. Select Add to VIPs. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each person whose emails you deem important.screenshot 2016 06 24 16.00.02

5. Click Mail in the menu bar.06 2938051466798161

6. Select Preferences.07 2938051466798161

7. Click the drop-down menu next to New message notifications.08 2938051466798161

8. Select VIPs.09 2938051466798161

Now, you’ve set Apple Mail to only send notifications for new messages from the important people in your digital life.end 2938051466798162

Vtin Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand with Integrated iPhone Holder

he Vtin aluminum Apple Watch stand delivers an elegant and handy way to charge the smartwatch from Apple, and integrated iPhone holder keeps your iPhone or iPad mini in place.

The Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand with iPhone Holder

The Vtin is a good looking and easy-to-use charging station designed for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models. The Apple Watch stand measures 5.3 x 3 x 2.7 inches, weights 6.4 ounces, and as shown in the images, it sports a sleek and minimalistic appearance in order to decently work with your Apple Watch and iPhone, and its aluminum body with metallic finish not only delivers a durable construction, but also add more modern design aesthetics to your desk or nightstand.

The Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand with iPhone Holder

With its silicone dock, the charging stand keeps Apple’s magnetic charger in place, providing a safe, scratch-resistant way to charge your Apple Watch, and the 45-degree angled stand lets you comfortably view and touch your smartwatch during charging. Furthermore, the charging station also features an integrated iPhone holder which keeps your iPhone or iPad mini uptight in portrait or landscape viewing model, and you can also use it to charge the mobile device. In addition, the silicone holder prevents your devices from getting scratched.

The Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand with iPhone Holder

The aluminum Apple Watch stand with iPhone holder is priced at $17.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its more details. BTW, also don’t miss TimePorter Apple Watch charging stand and more related cool stuff by following tags.

iPhone 7 Plus: This Chinese knockoff still looks pretty damn good

Wallpapers inspired by the watchOS 3 Breathe app

Breathe app

Since WWDC 2016, we created a series of wallpapers featuring the iOS 10 and macOS wallpapers. Also, wallpapers inspired by other features of the new operating systems posted across the last couple weeks. Today will be another set in the same series.

A new feature of watch OS 3 is the Breathe app. The idea is another step in the increased health functionality of Apple’s latest offering. According to Apple’s keynote, breathing deeply several times per day provides decreased stress levels. An interactive watch app, along with a guiding lotus-like image encourages deep breathing at intervals throughout the day. Check out these wallpapers inspired by the new app for iPhone, iPad, and desktop. 

watchOS 3 Breathe app wallpapers

Breathe app wallpaper splash 2

Download via AxineniPhoneiPad (including Pro); desktop (2880 x 1800)

Breathe app wallpaper splash

Download via Kiwimanjaro: “Heavy Breathing;” “Light Breathing

Pricing Leak Suggests Apple Will Launch New ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ Model

Alleged pricing for the iPhone 7 has been leaked and it suggests that in addition to the regular iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone 7 Pro model.

Here’s the post on Weibo with the pricing details…

Genuine allegedly Edition 32GB iPhone7 priced at 5288 yuan , 64GB is priced at 6088 yuan , 256GB version is priced at 7088 yuan ; iPhone7 Plus 32GB version is priced at 6088 yuan , 128GB version is priced at 6888 yuan , Edition 256GB the price of 7888 yuan ; in addition, this year, Apple may launch iPhone7 Pro, 32GB version of the price of this new machine is 7088 yuan , 128GB version is priced at 7888 yuan , 256GB version is priced at 8888

PocketNow has presented this for us in a nice chart with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for comparison purposes.

Pricing Leak Suggests Apple Will Launch New 'iPhone 7 Pro' Model

As you can see, the base 32GB of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is expected to cost the same as the current 16GB iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus; however, the new iPhone 7 Pro is expected to cost about 1000 yuan more. That’s approximately $150 USD and would likely put the base cost of the iPhone 7 Pro at $849 – $899 USD.

If there is to be an iPhone 7 Pro we could see it equipped with the rumored dual lens camera and perhaps the impressive display with true tone that was introduced on the iPad Pro 9.7.

Pricing Leak Suggests Apple Will Launch New 'iPhone 7 Pro' Model

Bad ‘iPhone 7’ knockoffs continue hitting the web

We haven’t seen a radically different iPhone 7 design leak at this point yet, and that’s likely because the iPhone 7 or whatever Apple calls in this fall is widely expected to be another addition to the iPhone 6 series as far as design goes. But that hasn’t stopped the steady stream of bad knockoffs and mockups from surfacing online and in many cases being passed off as the real thing. Some of these iPhone 7 “leaks” are nice to look at but that’s about it.


The latest comes from Sonny Dickson, who tweeted a rose gold ‘iPhone 7’ with those rumored redesigned antenna lines and a giant dual lens camera, guarded by a shiny stainless steel band that I think actually looks nice … but it’s just another fake as most observers would guess.

And it’s definitely not the only fishy ‘iPhone 7’ we’ve seen this cycle. Just last week another purported iPhone 7 leak claimed to show a touch capacitive Home button, one that presumably would lose the click, but that too was later verified to be an Android handset being passed off as something else.

iPhone 7 'leak'

The most interesting yet is the Bender from Futurama edition iPhone 7 with its robot eye camera and iPad Pro-style Smart Connector along the back:

iPhone 7 Bender

You could argue that it will be disappointing if the iPhone 7 maintains a close design to the iPhone 6 (minus the headphone jack) when it’s introduced later this year, but next year’s 10th anniversary iPhone sounds like it will be a whole other story — embedded Touch ID, reduced bezel, OLED display — which means the fake leaks should be even more interesting then too.

Apple’s free Summer Camp teaches kids to code

Summer camp is coming to an Apple Store near you.

Parents looking for a cool summer activity for kids will soon be able to drop their youngsters off at the Genius Bar for a programming upgrade.

Apple opened registration for its annual summer Camps this morning which give children 8 to 12 the opportunity to come into the Apple Store to learn coding, robotics, moviemaking and storytelling using iPads and Macs. Best of all, the three day camp is totally free.

The summer camp sessions are scheduled between 10:30 a.m. – 3:30PM local time from July 11 until August 12. You don’t even have to live in the US to get in on the action, with stores in countries like the UK, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, and more participating.

Apple’s Summer Camp offers three different sessions: Coding Games and Programming Robots, Interactive Storytelling with iBooks and Stories in Motion with iMovie.

Spots are pretty limited so you should get a jump on the free three-day program before your local store is booked.

Here’s what the kids will be doing:

Coding Games:

Kids will learn visual block-based coding for games, applying logic skills such as pattern recognition and problem solving. Then they’ll use what they’ve learned to program their own robots to perform tasks, challenges, and much more.

Create epic movies:

Campers will learn everything they need to create their own movies. They’ll storyboard ideas, shoot video, and delve into other aspects of the filmmaking process. Then they’ll edit their new epics in iMovie on a Mac