iCloud Music Library outage triggers error messages, disappearing libraries for Apple Music users

Many people using iTunes are running into repeated “Unable to connect to iCloud Music Library” messages during playback, complaints on Twitter suggest. On iOS, the Music app is prompting some listeners to sign up for Apple Music even if they already have a subscription or previously declined.

Perhaps the most serious trouble is that some people are seeing their libraries disappear, although it’s not yet clear if anyone has lost music permanently. Indeed Apple’s official online system status tracker claims no ongoing issues whatsoever.

iCloud Music Library has often been one of the most problematic aspects of Apple Music. Immediately after the service launched in 2015, people began complaining about iCloud Music Library deleting and renaming content.

When it works, the feature is intended to enable offline caching of music and/or remote streaming of an uploaded iTunes library. Leaving it toggled off creates a comparatively crippled experience.

Apple has not come forth with an official response to the situation, although customers have contacted the company’s support staff.

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