Concept imagines dark mode + split screen features for iPhone 7 & iOS 10 | 9to5Mac

Apple already has a dark mode on Mac and a split-screen feature for iPads, but this latest concept from iHelpBR imagines what it might look like if the company brought those two features over to iPhone users in iOS 10.

It’s not the first concept to suggest Apple should bring a dark theme to iOS to give the UI a color palette that’s a little easier on the eyes than the current, mostly bright white design. Apple already has a Dark Mode for Mac OS X that offers a darker color palette for the menu bar and other UI elements, not to be confused with the new Night Shift features introduced in iOS 9.3 that automatically adjust the colors in your display for an ideal viewing experience at night. 

Earlier this week Apple updated its WWDC app with a new dark theme on iOS in addition to a companion app for Apple TV users. The concept above used that as inspiration, creating a design that utilizes some of Apple’s own darker color choices from the updated WWDC app.

And the theme also explores what split-screen and picture in picture features from iPad might look like on an iPhone, two features that we noted need a bit of attention in our WWDC Feature Request earlier today


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