Bad ‘iPhone 7’ knockoffs continue hitting the web

We haven’t seen a radically different iPhone 7 design leak at this point yet, and that’s likely because the iPhone 7 or whatever Apple calls in this fall is widely expected to be another addition to the iPhone 6 series as far as design goes. But that hasn’t stopped the steady stream of bad knockoffs and mockups from surfacing online and in many cases being passed off as the real thing. Some of these iPhone 7 “leaks” are nice to look at but that’s about it.


The latest comes from Sonny Dickson, who tweeted a rose gold ‘iPhone 7’ with those rumored redesigned antenna lines and a giant dual lens camera, guarded by a shiny stainless steel band that I think actually looks nice … but it’s just another fake as most observers would guess.

And it’s definitely not the only fishy ‘iPhone 7’ we’ve seen this cycle. Just last week another purported iPhone 7 leak claimed to show a touch capacitive Home button, one that presumably would lose the click, but that too was later verified to be an Android handset being passed off as something else.

iPhone 7 'leak'

The most interesting yet is the Bender from Futurama edition iPhone 7 with its robot eye camera and iPad Pro-style Smart Connector along the back:

iPhone 7 Bender

You could argue that it will be disappointing if the iPhone 7 maintains a close design to the iPhone 6 (minus the headphone jack) when it’s introduced later this year, but next year’s 10th anniversary iPhone sounds like it will be a whole other story — embedded Touch ID, reduced bezel, OLED display — which means the fake leaks should be even more interesting then too.

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