This crazily expensive levitating Apple Watch charger is very silly (but I still want one)

You’re officially the person with everything if you’re seriously planning to lay out $249 on a levitating Apple Watch charger – though Kickstarter backers can get one for slightly less at $199, or $159 if you’re very quick.

Since the Apple Watch itself charges inductively, the designers of the LIFT charger decided to take things one step further by using magnets to suspend the charger above its powered base, allowing it to float freely in mid air …

How did we do it? Our proprietary induction system is inspired by Tesla’s original ideas around transferring electricity through the ether. We took this radical concept and adapted it to be able to transfer power while magically levitating in space without the need for any wires.

Levitation Works says that its design was inspired by Porsche Design, and it shows – you could easily imagine the machined aluminum unit with a Porsche logo on it.

The base is made from a mix of aluminum and ceramic, which the company says was chosen for its combination of non-conductivity and suitability for precise tolerances. When not being used to charge your Watch, you can also swap in an optional levitating light.

There is one practical touch alongside the frivolity: the floating part of the unit contains a built-in battery capable of recharging the Watch twice without the base, making it a convenient charger for a weekend away.

It seems that there’s no shortage of takers: with 34 days to go, the project has already more than quadrupled its $44k goal. Check it out over at Kickstarter.

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