Wallpapers of the week: iPhone 7 internals

iPhones 7 internal wallpaper splash

Typically, the Wallpapers of the Week section adds beautiful, photo quality images to our catalogue. From galaxy to geometric CGI, our wallpapers focus on the world around us. However, in a twist, today’s wallpapers help us look through our iPhone screens into a world of circuitry.

iFixit is well known for breaking down the latest devices to determine repairability, provide walkthroughs on the internals, and create repair kits for those looking to complete their own work. As jailbreakers and modders at iDB, we are big fans of their work. Today’s wallpapers are full resolution images of iPhone internal components. Making your own device a window into itself.

iFixit Teardown

iPhone 7 internal wallpaper

DownloadiPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus internal wallpaper

DownloadiPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 6s internal wallpaper

DownloadiPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus internal wallpaper

DownloadiPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 5s internal wallpaper

DownloadiPhone 5s

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