iTunes Festival London 2013 app gets Passbook support.


Apple announced the iTunes Festival London last week, and now it has updated the application to support something every Apple application that involves tickets should support – Passbook. The application was updated to version 3.8, and comes with Passbook support and a few other minor changes:

What’s New in Version 3.8

-Passbook functionality
-Photos with landscape perspective
-Various bug fixes

You can get the app for free here: iTunes Festival London 2013.


Source: TodaysiPhone.

Five apps to help you follow the 2013 baseball season.


MLB Foundation

Major League Baseball kicked off its 2013 season last Sunday and we are entering our first full weekend of games. If you are ready to fill your iPhone or iPad with apps to follow every home run, then check out our list of some the best baseball apps available for iOS. apps [iPhone or iPad; varies]

You can’t talk about baseball apps without mentioning’s suite of outstanding apps. The list includes At Bat 2013At The BallparkBeat The Streak and Full Count. At Bat’s most compelling features (game audio and video) require a $19.99 in-app subscription for the season or $2.99 a month, but MLB.TV Premium participants get the app’s full suite of options for no additional cost.

Team Stream [iPhone; Free]

Team Stream is a sports news aggregator that lets you set up personalized streams about your favorite teams. It supports notifications so you will be alerted with breaking news of trades, injuries and the like.

Baseball Outs [iOS Universal; Free]

Baseball Outs is a a mini-fantasy baseball game that makes watching a baseball game with friends even more enjoyable. You can create a game, draft players and compete against your friends.

Fantasy Baseball apps [iPhone or iPad; $4.99 or less]

The baseball season gets more involving if you’re competing in your fantasy leagues against your friends. You can manage fantasy teams using the official ESPN Fantasy Baseball app or the official Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball app. If you use both leagues, then you might want to check outFantasy Baseball ’13 for ESPN/Y from Bignoggins Productions. Bignoggins also makes Fantasy Monster Pro, which supports ESPN baseball, Yahoo baseball and several different sports.

MiLB [iPhone; Free]

MiLB is for the minor league baseball fans in our audience. You’ll get complete stats, schedules, standings and the latest news for every Triple-A and Double-A team. Like At Bat 2013 and the other titles above, the MiLB app is sold by

Source: TUAW.

Apple devices to outsell Windows for the first time in 2013.

Research firm Gartner has predicted that Apple’s devices will outsell Windows for the first time ever in 2013.

Estimates have been forecasted based on Apple’s sales of iPhones, iPad, and Macs and sales of all devices powered by Microsoft’s Windows operation system. Last year, Windows sold 175 million devices, in comparison, Apple sold 159 million, although it looks like the tables might be about to turn in the coming year.

Apple's new Products

The combined sales of Apple products look set to surpass Microsoft for the first time ever…

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13 MLB stadiums to accept Passbook in coming season.


If you are a fan of any of these 13 MLB teams, get excited: the Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox and Kansas City Royals. Why? Well, because these teams will all be taking advantage of Apple’s newest foray into mobile payments: Passbook. The MLB also said that there are 3 other teams that will be accepting the new ticketing system, however those have yet to make any official announcement. MLB tickets can be bought in the free MLB At Bat application.

MLB tickets were one of the main points of the Passbook application back when Apple announced the service with iOS 6, with Scott Forstall even showing how it could show your seat, row, and section. Finally, the MLB stadiums are beginning to adopt the slow growing service. Other companies including Fandango, Starbucks, and recently Delta Airlines also support Passbook. Personally, I believe there is a lot of potential in Passbook, however companies are taking longer to adopt it than many expected.


Siri Eyes Free to feature on 2013 Honda Accord, along with several Acura models.

Siri ‘Eyes Free’ was one of the many iOS 6 features that Apple showed off at it’s annual WWDC event in 2012, and it’s only just starting to emerge on select models from Audi, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. The feature allows its user to activate Siri via a button on their steering wheel, in order to minimize the distraction of the iPhone, while still keeping its functionality.

Happily, if you’ve been waiting for a car to be released with this feature (I’m guessing this is a very narrow audience now), then you’ll be happy to hear that Honda has just announced that the 2013 Accord, and Acura RDX and ILX will all be available with Siri Eyes Free as a dealer-installed optional extra.

American Honda Assistant Vice President of Automobile Product Planning Vicki Poponi said this about the announcement:

“Offering Honda and Acura owners Siri and its Eyes Free mode via Bluetooth is an incredible opportunity to provide next-generation connectivity and meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.”

Honda’s pricing for this feature is yet to be released, so stay tuned for more information.

Source: TodaysiPhone.