Campers arrive at Fifth Avenue Apple Store in anticipation of iPhone release.

Nope, you didn’t misread the title. 4 days before Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S, campers have already started arriving at the Apple Store in Fifth Avenue.

Most early lineups are in aid of promotional events, rather than individual, devoted fans, yet it’s still incredible to see the dedication of some individuals to the iPhone 5S, which technically doesn’t exist as a product yet.


Two guys from Sell Your Mac, based in Cincinnatim arrived in New York today, and to their horror found that they were not the first people in line, with two other campers having arrived last night. Apple’s Fifth Avenue store is usually the most prolific venue when it comes to covering the release of new devices. Jon Murphy from SYM told MacRumors that they hadn’t yet had the chance to talk to any of the store employees.

Armed with solar powered charges, the guys face a wait of at least two weeks. Can you imagine camping two weeks for an Apple device? The news really is confirmation that for some, it’s more about the logo on the back of the phone than the parts inside it. Asides from pure fanaticism, there really is no other reason to be waiting this early.

Source: TodaysiPhone.

Leaked iPhone 5S Home Button Flex points to Fingerprint Sensor?

A leaked iPhone 5S Home Button flex could point to a fingerprint sensor in Apple’s next iPhone, according to reports.

Picked up by, the latest leak is similar to a flex leaked in June earlier this year. The flex leaked this week features an identity code that matches Apple’s standard part numbering scheme. With that in mind, it’s likely this particular part, if it’s genuine, was manufactured in mid-July.

The Fingerprint Sensor rumors revolve around the fact that this leaked flex is much more complex than the flex leaked in June, and even more so than the current iPhone 5′s flex. The new flex configuration has led some to suggest that Apple’s iPhone 5S will include a fingerprint sensor embedded in the Home Button. Such a feature would provide Apple’s iPhone with an unparalleled level of security in the smartphone world.


Rumors of biometric security have been rife ever since Apple acquired security firm AuthenTec. Since then, Apple has published numerous patents covering biometric security. Recent reports have also suggested that Apple was using an external fingerprint sensor in conjunction with tests on an iPhone 5S prototype.

Further suggestions of biometric security have been found in the code for the iOS 7 Beta, which included a folder titled “BiometricKitUI”, perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence to date. Whilst the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S is by no means a done deal, there’s certainly a lot of hype, and some convincing leaks to go along with the chatter. The comforting factor among all these rumors is that we only have to wait 1 week in order to find out if we’re right or not, with Apple expected to announce the new iPhone(s) on September 10.

Belkin announces new iPhone “Grip Power” battery case for iPhone 5.


If you’re in the market for a battery case for iPhone 5, Belkin is looking to help you out with its new “Grip Power battery case” for iPhone 5. Coming soon, the Grip Power battery case comes in 4 different color flavors, Purple/Blue, Blue/Grey, White/Black, and Black/Black. The battery is a 2000 mAh external battery that should be able to more than double your battery life. Using LEDs on the back, you can check how much juice is left in the case itself, similar to the way you can check a MacBook’s battery. If you are worried about listening to audio with this on, no worries, it comes with a headphone adapter cable. You can check this out here when it comes out: Belkin.

Source: TodaysiPhone.

MAPi Cases launches new iPhone 5 cases with some new prices.


If you saw the MAPi Soli iPad mini case that Cam reviewed a week or two back and took interest in its cases, then here is a chance for you to get one for your iPhone 5. MAPi has announced a few new iPhone 5 case lines that also come with a new price tag. These new cases, which are dubbed “budget friendly”, include the Poros Caller ID pouch, the Altos Flip Wallet case, the Pella Shell case, and the Taos Snap Wallet case. If any of these sound interesting, you can check out the press release below for a little more description:

MAPi Cases Launches New Line of iPhone 5 Cases at New Price Points
New iPhone 5 case styles made from fine European leather now available at new budget-friendly prices
ATLANTA, GA (March 28,2013) — MAPi Cases, a leading manufacturer of innovative smartphone and tablet cases made from the world’s finest leather, announces four new varieties of stylish and protective cases for the iPhone 5. The new product will be showcased for the first time at the CTIA Wireless show in May, and range in price from $25 to $55. These new offerings from MAPi Cases introduce high quality products at an introductory price point that makes luxury leather cases accessible for all consumers.
“We are adding the new models to the MAPi lineup of iPhone 5 because we want to show we are committed to brand development. Our iPhone 5 model platform needed a little refreshment, mid-cycle,” said Emre Sener, CEO of MAPi Cases. “These new models are slotting into price points where we had gaps, and setting us up as a strong competitor against manufacturers in China. With these additions and new color selections of our existing models, we have also significantly broadened our customer demography.”
Expanding on MAPi’s extensive lineup of luxury iPhone 4/S and iPhone 5 cases, the new additions to the MAPi iPhone 5 lineup include:
Poros – Caller ID Pouch
The Poros is a simple, yet stylish, premium soft leather pouch case with a unique opening that makes caller ID visible when the iPhone is in the case. A simple pull out tab makes it easy to remove the case, and the soft lining will clean the iPhone screen every time you put your device away. Poros is available in three colors of soft textured premium leather: black, brown and red.
Altos – Flip Wallet Case
Altos is a wallet style case with a snap-in cradle to securely hold the iPhone 5. A leather front cover flips over the screen and is held with a magnetic closure for full bodied protection of the device. The soft fabric lining further prevents scratches and abrasions as well. The Altos is available in five luxurious premium leather colors: black, brown and red.
Pella – Shell Case
A minimalist shell-style case, the Pella provides the option for protection without adding bulk. A premium leather inlay, using color accented stitching, is sewn to an engineered polymer for superior protection. The Pella gives a sleek look and feel that is easy to snap on and off when desired. Additionally, the Pella case is designed to be usable with most charging docks without needing to be removed.
The Pella is available in five premium smooth leather colors: black, brown, red, white and tan; as well as two crocodile patterned leather colors: croco black, and croco brown.
Taos – Snap Wallet Case
Another new wallet style, the outside of the Taos is 100 percent premium European leather, while a plastic cradle inside securely snaps the iPhone 5 into place. A leather front cover, with soft lining, provides an added layer of protection, as well as style.
The Taos is available in three luxurious leather colors: black, brown, and red.
MAPi cases are hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey using 100 percent, premium European leather. Cases are also available for other smartphones, such as the BlackBerry Z10, as well as the iPad and other popular tablets.
The new MAPi iPhone 5 cases, ranging from $25 to $55, are now available for pre-order on and through retailers such as
About MAPi Cases
MAPi Cases is the home of premium, high-quality leather cases and is becoming the quintessential brand for elegant and chique case styles for BlackBerry, Apple, Amazon and Samsung devices. All leather cases are handcrafted from 100% European leather and designed for elegance, style and function. MAPi Cases uses 100% premium quality leather, which is handcrafted at manufacturing facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, All MAPi Cases display the Eagle Insignia which is the symbol of quality and elegance. MAPi Cases is an LLC organized in Atlanta, GA. MAPi –Leather like no other.

Source: The Mac Observer.

Stuck with a Micro/Standard SIM? Try the NOOSY Nano-SIM cutter.

Although you may have never heard of the it, NOOSY has created a Nano SIM cutter,which is just the thing if you’re planning on upgrading to the new iPhone 5 from an older device that uses a regular or Micro SIM card.

All you need to use the cutter is a regular or Micro SIM-card, and you are able to cut to the size of either a Nano SIM, which is handy, particularly if you have multiple phones (and therefore SIMs) for whatever reason. The same company also offers adapters so you can easily switch devices if you need to.

NOOSY claims that the cutter offers “high precision” cuts to give “perfect accuracy” when cutting. Whether that’s an accurate statement, I guess time will tell, but if you want to get your hands on one, head over to NOOSY’s website. They can be purchased for around $25 from retailers, search online and you should find them pretty easily.

Source: TodaysiPhone.