Amazon’s Cloud Player now supports iPad natively.

If you’re an Amazon Cloud Player user and you have an iPad, you had best go and check your iOS updates. Amazon has updated its Cloud Player app to 2.0, and it now supports the iPad natively.

The update brings a tweaked look to the app as well as new settings to manage the cache size for downloading onto your iPad. Apart from that, there’s not much different from the iPhone / iPod version.

Similar to Apple’s iTunes Match, Amazon Cloud Player lets you upload your music library to Amazon and then stream it back using Amazon’s Cloud Player from up to 10 devices, or from a browser. Any digital music you’ve purchased from Amazon will automatically be added to your Cloud Player. Also, when you purchase a supported CD from Amazon, a digital copy will automatically appear in the Cloud Player.

Amazon Cloud Player is a free download from the iOS App Store. The service is free for Amazon MP3 purchases and up to 250 other songs. For additional space for music, there’s tiered pricing.