Ion Audio Introduces Bluetooth Cassette Adapter to Upgrade Older Stereos.

Ion Audio has introduced a Bluetooth-enabled cassette tape adapter that allows older stereos to stream music wirelessly from mobile devices.

The device is rechargeable via USB and lasts up to six hours on a charge, turning on and off automatically when inserted and ejected from the cassette deck and somewhat supports hands-free calling by routing incoming call audio through the car’s speakers — though a speakerphone will still be needed to talk.


With Cassette Adapter Bluetooth from ION, your car’s cassette player instantly becomes a wireless Bluetooth receiver. Just like that, you can stream music from any Bluetooth music player or phone. No complicated installation. No cables. No tangled or snagged tape. Just pop it in and it automatically turns on. Cassette Adapter Bluetooth contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery for even the longest road trips. Plus, you now have a hands-free solution for phone calls.

Now, you can use your car’s speakers to hear phone calls and music without having to buy a new stereo head-unit. Both of your hands stay safe on the wheel while your audio source stays in your pocket. Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is the last cassette you’ll ever need and the first —and only—step to bring your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks into your car.

Pricing and availability information have not yet been released. The last U.S.-sold automobile to offer a factory-installed cassette deck was the 2010 Lexus SC430.

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Apple introduces Logic Pro X and MainStage 3.

Rejoice, musicians and audio mavens: Apple unveiled a new version of Logic Pro today. Logic Pro X includes a new drummer feature that’ll play drums along with your song. There’s also a Flex Pitch feature to easily edit the pitch of an audio recording, and a remote control feature that lets you control Logic Pro via your iPad.

Apple also updated MainStage to version 3. MainStage 3 is a live performance companion app for Logic Pro; the new version features a fresh, new UI and compatibility with Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 will be available today from the Mac App Store for US$199.99 and $29.99, respectively. Logic Remote for the iPad will be available for free from the iOS App Store. Apple has a page withwhat’s new in Logic Pro X here.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has been using Logic Pro X in his studio, and you can hop over to The Loop for his hands-on review. Don’t miss hisvideo demo (17 minutes long!) of the new Drummer feature.

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Sonos introduces Playbar, an iOS-controlled, nine-speaker TV sound solution.

Sonos, the popular wireless whole-house music system, is moving into video in a big way, with a new product called the Playbar. The Playbar is designed for all those TVs that are using the low-fi built-in internal speakers. Sonos’ solution, which integrates with the Sonos music systems, provides an iOS-controlled sound bar that is mounted over or under a flat-screen TV.

To set up PLAYBAR, all you have to do is connect an optical audio cable to your TV and apply power. You can place it in front of your TV or mount it on the wall and Playbar’s built-in sensors will automatically orient the audio channels and adjust the EQs for the perfect sound. When you add a Sonos SUB or two PLAY:3s, you can get a full 5.1 experience without the need for messy wiring or complex audio set-up. Control the volume with your existing TV remote or via one of the free Sonos Controllers for iOS, PC or Mac.

The Playbar consists of nine individually amplified speakers — six mid-range and woofer modules, and three tweeters. The company claims a very side soundstage, while keeping vocals centered.

The Sonos Playbar has full access to your existing Sonos system, if you have one, meaning your iTunes Library, and hundreds of Internet radio stations, along with Pandora and other subscription music offerings are available.

Also today, Sonos updated its controller software for iOS, offering a new unified favorites menu and optimizations for the iPhone 5. The software is a free update.

For more information about the new Sonos Playbar, shuffle on over to theSonos website. The Playbar will retail for US$699 from Amazon, Best Buy, Magnolia and other retailers the first week of March.

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THX tune-up is a free iOS app for home theater fans.

Here’s something nice from those folks at THX. It’s a free app (through February 4, then it’s US$1.99) that allows you to assess the state of your home theater and make adjustments to improve audio and visual performance.

THX tune-up connects to your TV with the Apple Digital AV Adapterand an HDMI cable. You’ll want theLightning cable version if you have a newer device. It can also connect to your Apple TV with a wireless connection.

You can check your screen’s aspect ratio, brightness, contrast color and tint. The app also uses your iOS camera to set color and tint with special built-in filters.

Audio tests include sample sounds to see if your speakers are hooked up in the proper surround locations and if they are in phase. Once you are finished the set up process, the app can play some really high-quality trailers, and the famous THX Deep Note in 5.1 surround.

I tried the THX tune-up app and it worked as advertised. The setups are pretty basic, but it is surprising how many home theaters are pretty out of tune. The app is not a substitute for a professional visit, but most home theaters will be improved.

The app is universal and runs on the iPhone 4 or above, the iPod touch (fifth generation) and the iPad 2 or above. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires iOS 5.

This is a pretty slick app if you’re into home theater and movies, so grab it while it’s free and enjoy.

Source: TUAW .

ON.EARZ launches new range of headphones, inspired by ‘cultural icons’

When I’m buying headphones, I tend to look for three things: good audio quality, good looks, and – most importantly – that they aren’t Beats. Don’t get me wrong, Beats are solid headphones, but dare I say that they lack originality, it seems like everyone has a pair. This is probably the reason that I’m quite taken with ON.EARZ’ latest creation. Called the ‘Listen with the Legends’ series, the range of headphones is “inspired by cultural icons” such as James Dean, Elvis Presley and AC/DC, and offers a unique, stylish design.

The headphones certainly tick one of my boxes, as they look incredible, featuring such materials as chrome, brushed aluminium and even denim to give off an awesome retro feel. It’s not all about looks though, and ON.EARZ promises that this range of headphones should pack some oomph worthy of defeating the opposition, saying that they include some of the “most advanced audio features available”. However, exactly what they sound like, we can’t know without hearing them, so we’ll have to take ON.EARZ’ word on that one.

I really hope I can spend some time with these headphones sometime in the future, as they look truly incredible, and at $99, they have damn competitive price tag. ON.EARZ says that the gadget will be available soon in the US, with no word on UK release just yet.

Head over to ON.EARZ’ website if you fancy a pair.

Do you like the style of these headphones, or do you prefer the modern design of those such as Monster’s range of Dre Beats? Let me know in the comments.

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