Bling out your Mac Pro.

News roundup

Are you ready for a gold Mac Pro? According to ZDNet, Alchaemy is ready to go with its options to bling out your already expensive Mac tower. The options range from $749 for a chrome finish, $999 for black diamond plating and $1,499 for a 24-karat gold finish. Or, if you want to merely change the color of the Mac Pro, you can pick one of 15 standard colors for $349 or custom coloring for $699. Steve Sande took a look at Alchaemy a couple weeks ago.

This Gold-Encrusted iPhone Could Be Yours … For $15 Million.

If you have a spare $15 million, this gold- and diamond-encrusted iPhone 5 could be yours.

The handset, which is inlaid with 600 flawless white diamonds and includes a gold-plated antenna and back panel, was crafted by the Liverpool, England-based Stuart Hughes. In addition to the iPhone’s impressive gold and diamond encrusting, the handset’s Home button has also been replaced with a rare 26 carat black diamond, which itself is worth a huge $14.5 million.

For more information on Stuart Hughes’ iPhone, head over to the company’s website.

Source: AppAdvice.