BookBook Now Available for MacBook Pro with Retina.


The company Twelve South, which is well known for making iPhone and iPad cases that look like old books, has come out with a BookBook cover for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The cover protects your MacBook Pro with too hardback covers enclosed in genuine leather, plus a cushioned interior. It’s all enclosed with a zipper.

You can use the MacBook with the case still on, or remove it.

There’s a BookBook cover for the 13-inch and also the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. It’s available now for $79.99.

The company also makes a BookBook for the MacBook Pro.

Source: Cult of Mac.

BookBook for iPhone 5.

If you were a fan of previous versions of Twelvesouth’s BookBook iPhone cases, but want the accessory for your iPhone 5, then you’re in luck, because the latest BookBook case has just been released.

To those who aren’t familiar with the BookBook case, it’s essentially a phone case combined with a wallet, complete with cutouts for credit cards, money and whatever else you stick in your wallet. The case is styled to look like a book, so that the unsuspecting thief would leave your device alone, should they decide to target you. Another plus to the unique design is its awesome looks, which are enough to make any hipster drool.

If you want to be the first to get your hands on the case, head over to Twelvesouth’s website, and be prepared to hand over $59.99.

Source: TodaysiPhone

BookBook for iPhone 5.

TwelveSouth’s BookBook series of cases are styled after books, and have become very popular since their initial release. Despite BookBook’s popularity, however, many users have griped over the lack of a camera hole in the current series of cases.

With their first Bookbook case for the iPhone 5, available in November, TwelveSouth is finally addressing this issue. Now, there’s a hole in the back. Boom!

We couldn’t be more excited about the latest brilliant mobile device from Apple and we’ve received many questions about availability of a BookBook for iPhone made just for the iPhone 5.

We are, indeed, hard at work on a BookBook for iPhone 5. It will ship in November. It will be available in both Classic Black and Vintage Brown. And finally (no doubt the news you’ve been waiting for), no need to slide your iPhone up to take a picture anymore. BookBook for iPhone 5 will include a camera hole!

No more sliding your iPhone out of its case to take a picture! Provided you bought the iPhone 5, anyway… There’s no word on whether or not Twelvesouth will release Bookbook cases with camera holes for the previous generation devices, but the iPhone 4S is still very popular, so it seems likely that they’ll release one