The best iPhone 6s & 6s Plus cases available to order now.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are on their way with preorders kicking off over the weekend, so now is the time to buy a case for your new device in order to have it in time for an official launch set for later this month on September 25

As is tradition, we’ve put together a roundup of the best choices for to protect your new iPhone with our selections of the best iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases available to order now. 

SPECK ($34-$50):


Popular case maker Speck has its CandyShell and MightyShell lineups available for both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Shop Speck CandyShell and MightyShell cases.

GRIFFIN ($19-$60):


Griffin has its various Survivor, Trainer armbands, and Wallet cases available for both devices.

Shop Griffin iPhone 6s cases or iPhone 6s Plus cases

POETIC ($15-$20):


Poetic is offering its usual high-quality cases at affordable price points with its slim, $15 Affinity case (left) and its $20 rugged Revolution case (right). 

Shop Affinity for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus — Revolution for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

OTTERBOX ($29-$60):


Otterbox has cases from almost all its collections for the new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6S Plus.



Pad & Quill has its high-quality, hand-crafted leather and wood wallet cases available for both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 

Shop Pad & Quill cases for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

NODUS ($39-$60):

The new Magnetic Shell case from Nodus is available to order alongside its popular Access case.Both cases are discounted for a limited time to celebrate the new iPhone launch. 

Shop Nodus iPhone 6s & 6s Plus cases.



Spigen has the Trianium Clear case ($9.99), Exact Fit ($10), Safe-Slide ($14), Slim Armor ($16) in various colors available to order now.

Shop Spigen iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus cases.



Pure View ($12)Armor Tough ($18), and Vault Slim ($15) are all excellent, affordable options from Silk Innovation for the new iPhones. 



Preimum leather sleeves with wool lining handmade in Amsterdam. Joli Originals makes one of the nicest leather sleeve-style cases around and all options are now available for both the 6s and 6s Plus. 

Shop Joli Originals iPhone cases.

CASEOLOGY ($9-$17):


From left to right, the Caseology Envoy Series ($17), Wavelength Series ($16), and Vault Series ($15). And the company has others for both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus starting at $9 at the links below:

Shop Caseology iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus cases.

Killer cases for your iPhone 6s.

Things are looking rosy for accessory manufacturers, like Spigen, ready to provide cases for the iPhone 6s.

You can almost see the new and improved iPhone 6s in your hands. Now, how about a new case for that gorgeous hunk of gear?

Several companies began showing off cases — everything from luxurious leather accessories to battery-extending packs — for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus following Apple’s big fall products reveal in San Francisco today.

The rush is on to grab a piece of the lucrative smartphone accessory market, which is worth billions of dollars. Come up with a better, smarter case for Apple’s better, smarter iPhone and you could be sitting on a figurative rose gold mine. Spigen even started selling iPhone 6s casesbefore Apple’s event even happened.

Other companies ready to enter the fray include Moshi, Griffin Technology, X-Doria, PureGear and Native Union. If you don’t see the brand you like, just wait a few days. Many more are sure to follow. In the meantime, time to do a little window shopping:


The Napa series from Moshi.

Moshi’s iGlaze line features the Napa with a vegan-friendly leatherette; the Ion, a two-piece design that includes a battery for on-the-go charging; and the Luxe with aircraft-grade aluminum to provide the look and feel of a naked iPhone.

Pricing: $45-$100.

Griffin Technology

The Survivor by Griffin Technology.

Griffin Technology’s Survivor line promises to deliver rugged protection in all kinds of situations. The Summit can withstand a 10-foot drop and offers rain, sand and dust protection. The Journey is simple snap-on rigid shell with a drop protection rating of just over six feet. The All-Terrain, said to take military-grade abuse.

Prices range from $19.99 to $59.99.


The Defense Lux by X-Doria.

The Defense Lux is machined aluminum with a rear panel that comes in silver, black, soft leather or croc skin.

Price: $59.99.

Native Union

The CLIC 360 is made from a rugged canvas used to make sails.

The CLIC 360 uses stain-resistant British Millerian canvas, which supposedly is the stuff once used for sails by the British Navy. The interior incorporates a 3D rubber mesh bonded to the case for full protection.

Colors include marsala, olive, marine blue, champagne and black.

Price about $39.99.


The Smart+Buttons by PureGear is a glass shield that uses the four corners for buttons to make one-hand use more comfortable.

The PureGear Smart+Buttons is not a case, but a tempered glass shield that replicates the iPhone top buttons so you can navigate larger devices, like the 6 Plus, with one hand. Screen sold with a roll-on kit to avoid bubbles.

Price $39.99.


The Q Card Case includes an integrated wallet that easily carries three cards and cash.

The Q Card Case includes an integrated wallet that fits up to three cards plus some cash. Colors include black onyx, Pacific green, gunmetal gray, red rouge and champagne gold.

Price: $39.99.

Silk Innovation

Silk Innovation has a few lines for the iPhone 6s, including clear, rugged and wallet cases.

Silk Innovation’s Ulta-slim clear cases so that you can retain cool color and texture of the iPhone. But if you want a little more flash, there is a customizable back panel for you to include your own design. Includes elevated 360-degree corners and scratch-resistant screen protector.

Also comes in a Silk Armor Touch Case and integrated wallet cases.

Price: $11.99 to $17.99.


Third-Party Apple Watch Cases Provide Options for Improved Protection.

Alongside the launch of the Apple Watch, many third-party businesses have found room to expand their organizations, or create completely new ones, with various collections of charging stands, band swapping websites, and even more rugged cases for Apple’s new wearable. These cases, it should be noted, work in conjunction with Apple’s previously existing band options.

One of the more notable accessory manufacturers to throw its hat into the Apple Watch case ring is Speck, with a line of multi-colored cases for the Apple Watch, called CandyShell Fit, launching later this month. Speck promises the CandyShell Fit is perfect for customers with an intensely active lifestyle, as it “provides full bezel protection to guard the smartwatch’s glass screen, defend against shock, and allow complete access to the digital crown and side button.”

Speck HighRes CandyShell Watch

“You only need to do a few things to protect Apple Watch, but you have to do them perfectly and minimally, and in a way that fully honors the design of the device,” said Bryan Hynecek, Speck VP of Design. “Speck is about giving people the courage to live their life fully and completely with Apple Watch on, exactly as it was intended to be used.”

The case combines a hard polycarbonate outer layer shell and a TPU interior to work in combination at providing exterior and interior shock absorption, respectively. The case includes a slightly raised bezel above the Apple Watch touch screen – about 1.5mm – in order to act as a protective bumper between the Watch and outside environment. As expected, the CandyShell Fit has been put through a test of basic high intensity activities to see its reaction to sweat, high temperatures and even basic sunscreens and lotions. Speck says the new Apple Watch case will launch in multiple colors “later this month” and be priced at $29.99.

Popular accessory manufacturer Spigen also has a range of Apple Watch accessories on its website, from stands to screen protectors. It also provides a diverse array of durable cases for the Watch, providing various degrees of thickness and protection to customers interested in protecting their Apple Watch. Ranging in price from $14.99 to $24.99, Spigen provides increasing degrees of drop and hazard defense to the Apple Watch in multiple color options – including a transparent “liquid crystal” version. The company also promises each case provides full availability to the Watch’s heart rate sensor and two side buttons.


Another durability-focused Apple Watch case, called The Bumper, began taking pre-orders a few weeks ago and plans to begin shipping sometime in June. The Bumper’s ultra-resistant rubber material allows for ease of use when inserting and removing the Apple Watch, with the 360 degree shock absorbing case providing full access to the touch screen, Digital Crown, contacts button, speaker, microphone, and heart rate sensor.


The case also appears to be the only third-party Apple Watch case that provides protection to the Digital Crown while still allowing Apple’s new input device to be fully rotated and pressed. The Bumper will be available in white, black, and orange, and those interested can pre-order The Bumper right now for $35 on ActionProof’s official website.

With the nascence of the Apple Watch, there will no doubt be more and more options for various protection-related Apple Watch accessories as we move further into the year, with other companies getting their hands on their own models of the wearable. Given that some of these manufacturers created useful accessories before even having an Apple Watch in hand, it’ll be interesting to see what other third-party companies do moving forward.

Back to the Future case turns your iPhone 6 into a time machine.

Bandai's case turn the iPhone into a DeLorean. Photo: Bandai

The iPhone 6 Plus has a hard time sliding into most pants pockets, but if you’d like to make the iPhone 6 Pinch even more unbearable, Bandai is coming out with a new case that transforms your device into the time machine from Back to the Future.

The DeLorean time machine case brings all the incredible details of Marty McFly’s DMC-12 to your iPhone with moving parts like wheels that switch between hover and street modes. The case doesn’t come with actual time-traveling and levitating features, but Bandai did pack in a couple extra goodies.

You’d think turning an iPhone into a mini DeLorean would render it pretty much useless, but Bandai modded Doc Brown’s original creation so you can still access the camera as well as power and volume buttons. It even comes with LEDs that make the time machine look extra-flashy — and they light up when you get a call.

Pre-orders for the case started this week with a $50 price tag. You can get a closer look at the crazy case in the video below:

iPad Pro/Plus vs. iPad Air 2: Leaked cases comparison.

iPad Pro Plus vs. iPad Air 2

Apple is likely going to introduce a larger iPad this year, which is being referred to as the iPad Air Plus or the iPad Pro. Nowhereelse recently published images showing leaked parts and accessories for the bigger iPad, and now the French publication is back with a new set of pictures depicting a protective case that would only be a fit for a 12-inch device.

The images apparently originate from a Chinese catalog that covers iPad accessories, including iPad Air 2 cases. A comparison image presented by the publication seems to indicate the leaked case is indeed made for a bigger iPad, since it has different top and bottom designs — otherwise camera, standby and volume button placements should be similar on iPads, regardless of their sides.

Recent rumors revealed the 12-inch iPad could have four speakers, two on the top and two on the bottom, which would explain the different case designs for the rumored tablet.

Some of the pictures provided by the publication follow below, including a comparison between an iPad Air 2 case and a purported iPad Pro/Plus case, with more photos available at the source link.


Best Cases and Covers of the Week.

We continue new series. Best cases and Covers of the week for iPad. Is a series that works to bring you best and coolest cases for iPad and  give you only the Best deal.

You can add a flourish of personal style to Apple’s minimalist design, choose functional elements to enhance your daily use, and make sure it’s safe when you sling it in your bag; all it takes is the right case. Here are some of our favorites and best deal from  past week.

1. Speck iGuy for iPad Air ($40)

Speck iGuy Case

Fun, different, and great for the kids – the iGuy case is made of squishy foam and it has wee arms and legs. It’s lightweight, and the flexible foam makes it really comfortable to hold. It gives your iPad Air a little personality and works as the ideal stand for cartoon viewing. We’d understand if you didn’t want to let your kids anywhere near your new iPad, but if you do then the iGuy is a great way to protect it.

2. Cygnett Paradox Texture Case ($40)

Cygnett Paradox Texture Case

We’re not sure what the paradox is, but this textured case has a nice, grippable finish that’s supposed to resemble granite. The cover can be folded to act as a secure stand, offering a choice of angles. There’s a magnetic closure to stop it from swinging open. The case fully covers your iPad Air, so it should protect against scratches and any minor knocks, but it’s not particularly rugged. You can get it in blue or charcoal, but if you opt for a smooth rubber finish you’ll find another four colors to choose from.

3. Proporta iPad Air Cover ($50)

Proporta Leather Style Case

This is a smart, faux-leather case that’s durable and business-like. You can use it as a stand, it supports the sleep/wake function, and it comes in red or black. You don’t need to remove your iPad Air in order to use it. It’s pretty tough and you can definitely expect it to last, in fact there’s a lifetime warranty.

That’s it for our iPad Air cases roundup, but check back as we’ll update this list with new entries. If you want to recommend a good case or cover please hit the comments before you leave.

Best Cases and Covers of the Week.

We continue new series. Best cases and Covers of the week for iPad. Is a series that works to bring you best and coolest cases for iPad and  give you only the Best deal.

You can add a flourish of personal style to Apple’s minimalist design, choose functional elements to enhance your daily use, and make sure it’s safe when you sling it in your bag; all it takes is the right case. Here are some of our favorites and best deal from  past week.

1. Grovemade Walnut Case ($129)

Grovemade Walnut Case

A beautiful combination of walnut and maple wood really makes this case stand out. The clever design features a rolling cover which can fold back to create the angle you want, and a tough interior that can stand up to knocks and bumps. There’s a soft lining to prevent scratches and your iPad Air is held in place by magnets which also work with the automatic sleep/wake function. Lovingly hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, using natural materials throughout, this is a case you can feel good about buying.

2. iPad Air Smart Case ($80)  $62.99 FREE Shipping

Apple iPad Air Smart Case

Apple’s own range of cases match its usual minimalist design aesthetic, though they do offer a splash of pastel color in blue, red, yellow, brown, beige, or black. The case is aniline-dyed leather with a soft microfiber lining. It is svelte and fitted perfectly. Bend it back and you can choose from two landscape stand positions for watching movies or for working on the keyboard. It also supports the automatic sleep/wake function.

3. Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio ($150)  $85.00 FREE Shipping

Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio

Want to convert your iPad into a Microsoft Surface? No, of course you don’t, but this keyboard cover could definitely be handy. It’s a folio style case that opens to reveal a super slim Bluetooth keyboard to help speed up your typing. The fabric also offers some protection and the exterior will repel liquids to make your iPad splash-proof. It uses magnets to hold your tablet in place in a choice of two positions for comfortable typing. It comes in four bold colors with silly names, our favorite is Mystic Blue.

4. Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case ($130)   $82.26 FREE Shipping

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

Here’s another keyboard case for typists, this time from Belkin. It’s a lightweight aluminum design and it’s fairly slim, although the well-spaced keys do have a bit of depth for a good responsive feel. The wonder of magnets holds your iPad Air in a choice of three positions, and it turns itself off automatically to preserve power. No frivolous colors for Belkin, this case comes in a serious choice of black or white.

5. Griffin Survivor for iPad Air ($80)   $54.99 FREE Shipping.

Griffin Survivor CaseIf you intend on taking your iPad Air into combat, mountain climbing, or possibly street racing then you absolutely, positively, have got to get some solid protection and it does not come much more solid than this. The Survivor meets military standards for protection from extreme conditions and that includes temperature fluctuations, mud, dust, sand, rain, shocks, and vibrations (good or bad). On the downside it means encasing your elegant tablet in a big chunky block of polycarbonate and silicone.