Incredible Apple Watch app concepts show utility of upcoming wearable

Apple Watch Concept 1

Judging by Apple’s keynote unveiling the device, Apple Watch will come loaded with features, mini-apps and experiences for the wearer fresh out of the box. Link it up to your iPhone and you’ll have access to all kinds of information in a glance-able format, your notifications and alerts, and new, unique communication methods like Digital Touch. Where the Watch will really come into its own, though, is in third-party applications that enable us to do even more with the device.

Developers can already work on extending their apps out from the iPhone and onto the smaller Watch screen and providing actionable notifications or Glances. Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his excitement at some of the innovation he’s seeing in this area.

A number of designers have begun mocking up their favorite apps for Apple Watch before, and a slew of concepts (re)surfaced today.

Swarm Apple Watch Concept

First up,  a project from The Letter Society design collaborative which set out to “create a new use for Apple Watch” which included a number of contributions mocking up UIs for popular apps like UberMintGarminSwarmGoogle TranslateShazam and more.

Shazam Apple Watch Concept

Some of the implementations look incredible, particularly for the types of light interactions you need for check-ins with Swarm or quickly identifying a song with Shazam — two functions I can see the Apple Watch being extremely useful for.

Apple Watch Concept 3

Over at The Tech Block, they searched out designers that are coming up with new ideas for the Watch like the watch-face with integrated transportation information at the top of this post from Bureau Oberhaeuser, as well as a reimagining of OfficeTime time-tracking software for the small screen by Eduardo Santos and an easy way to find your friends with a compass-like UI thought up by Alex Deruette, above and below.

If you’re interested in seeing concepts for many of your favorite apps reimagined and reworked for the Apple Watch screen as well as a number of new uses for the Watch, I’d recommend checking out the all of source links below. Roll on April!

Apple iPhone 7 in pictures: Renders and leaked photos gallery.

The next iPhone, at this early stage, could be an iPhone 7 or and iPhone 6S. The rumour mill is already fired up with word of Apple releasing not two but three new models with the current 5-inch and 5.5-inch models as well as a new smaller 4-inch version.

One rumour that has a big effect on the look of the next generation of iPhone is a bezel free screen. This idea is something that everyone works towards for that ultimate futuristic looking handset. In the case of the iPhone, Apple will need to keep its finger print reading Touch ID home button so that screen will need to spread around the button.

The usual other rumours are also of course surfacing about the iPhone 7 being faster, slimmer, lighter and stronger than any model that has gone before it.

We’ve collected all the best images from the internet so far. If they’re renders, leaks or even official we’ve got them in this gallery which will be constantly updated as new images appear.

Apple iPhone 7 in pictures: Renders and leaked photos gallery - photo 6

Apple iPhone 7 in pictures: Renders and leaked photos gallery - photo 2

Apple iPhone 7 in pictures: Renders and leaked photos gallery - photo 11

Apple iPhone 7 in pictures: Renders and leaked photos gallery - photo 13

Apple iPhone 7 in pictures: Renders and leaked photos gallery - photo 9

Begun, the iPhone 7 renders have.

iphone 7
The iPhone 6 Plus is just finally getting settled into my pocket — my front pocket, not my back pocket because I’m not 13 years old and I take care of my devices like an adult so they don’t bend — but there are already some that are looking forward to the iPhone 7.
iphone 7
One of those people is Jimmy Benson, who has whipped up these fantastic iPhone 7 renders that show a sharper body style and a reimagined home button. Other tweaks from the existing iPhone 6 models include an edge-to-edge display, a completely solid back panel, and five app columns instead of the current four. It’s a pretty slick looking device, but we all know by the time the iPhone 7 launches we’ll be able to embed our smartphones into our brains anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

We all look forward to new iPhone 7 and for a while you allways can find best Deal and something interesting in our iRumors store.

Another great iPhone 6 concept – beautiful, slim and powerful.

Over the past 12 months or so, the number of designers turning their hands to creating renders of what they think the next iPhone should look like has been incredible. In fact, there are so many, we stopped featuring them as often. Deciding – instead – to only pick the ones we thought were really great. And then, two come along in two days that impress us.

If Farahi has his way, the next iPhone will feature a 5-inch display with twice the resolution of the current 4-inch Retina display, as well as having the rumored solar-charging sapphire glass screen. As well as that, he’d like a 10 megapixel snapper capable of recording 4k resolution video at 500 frames-per-second and stereo speakers and microphone. All of this is supposed to fit in to a body that’s 2mm thinner and 21 grams lighter than the current iPhone.

Like I said, there’s a lot of pie-in-the-sky stuff here. We know Apple won’t be loading any impressive specs in to the next iPhone unless there was a genuine reason for it to be there. For instance, I don’t see Apple doubling the resolution on the current display. It’s 4 times the number of pixels, which will need 4 times as much power to light up, requiring a more powerful battery, which means a bigger phone, not smaller.

Drool Over The 5-Inch iPhone Air With Edge-To-Edge Display.


If Apple makes a larger iPhone this year — say, a 4.7-inch model — it’s unlikely that they will just phase out the 4-inch iPhone. Instead, they could take an approach similar to this year’s iPad Air and iPad mini: two functionally identical devices with different screen sizes.

So what would an iPhone Air look like? Designer Federico Ciccarese of SET Solution has put together some renders of his dream iPhone Air, and, well, to be honest, it’s pretty much a fantasy. But it’s a pretty one.


Ciccarese sees the iPhone Air running a 64-bit A8 display and measuring just 1.5mm in thickness and 70 grams in weight. It’s true that Apple would gain some room by including a 5-inch Retina Display in the iPhone Air, but otherwise, this is a pipe dream: there’s just no way this design can fit the iPhone’s necessary components. Heck, it’s not even thick enough to house a Lightning connector!


And then there’s the edge-to-edge display. Concept designers keep on dreaming of bezelfree displays, but they aren’t so good at coming up with practical engineering that would actually allow them to happen.


What do you think? Would you buy an iPhone Air that looked like this, or would you prefer a design that is more practical? Let us know in the comments.


iPhone 6 concept imagines LED ring around Lightning port and touch sensitive volume controls.


When it comes to concepts, they often fall in to two categories: The wildly outrageous and imaginative concepts that have no chance of becoming reality, and the incredibly realistic digital images based on well-sourced rumors. This latest one is a bit of a mixture of the two.

Designed by Kazakhstan-based Iskander Utebayev, it features a design very similar to the iPhone 5 and 5s, but with a few intriguing differences. I suppose the most noticeable is the secondary “display” running along the entire length of the left hand edge. This not only adds a little ambient light, but also features its own set of touch controls for adjusting volume and for accessing the four quick-launch app toggles normally found on the bottom of the Control Center menu (Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera).

The concept, according to the YouTube video post contains a load of pointless spec features, including a 4.9-inch HD display, capacitive home button and NFC (which aren’t going to happen). It also dreams up a NFC sensor and 10MP camera. I say: Who cares?! Specs aren’t what have made the iPhone a success. It’s the way all the technology does when put together, and the experience given to the customer.


The second interesting feature is the LED light ring around the Lightning report which warns you when the battery is getting low. That, I would completely love, even if it is kind of pointless. It looks cool.

OS X Concept imagines a more iOS 7 style Mac operating system.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 13.04.41

Over the past year, the number of designers trying their hands at mocking up digital renders of what they would like see in Apple hardware and software has increased dramatically. Such an increase in volume has a tendency to build up the noise. Thankfully, this does have a positive effect. It makes the really good ones stand our more. One of the best, and most realistic concepts I’ve seen to date comes from Edgar Rios. The artist has come up with his idea of what OS X could look like if Apple decided to take the iOS 7 approach with Macs.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 13.04.15

Above is the Finder window design. Which – instead of featuring translucent bars – features a translucent background to the entire window. The main body is less opaque than the side bar, and it definitely has an iOS 7 feel to it. Even the small, click-able ‘x’, ‘-’ and ‘+’ icons in the top left corner have been given a new splash of color to make them more vibrant. Across the whole concept Rios has changed the coloring to match the vividness of iOS 7, and changed the default app icons to match.

Perhaps my favorite feature is the redesign of Notification Center and the addition of Control Center.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 13.11.40

I love the usefulness of the ‘Today’ view in Notification Center. And much like it did with iOS, it moves Notification Center from being a never-visited UI, to being one of the most used elements of the platform. I love the features included in Control Center in the concept too. Having a translucent bar come in to shot at the left side of the screen, featuring screen brightness settings, AirDrop and AirPlay would be fantastic.

I’ve highlighted a couple of key design features in this article, but you really should check out the entire concept over at It’s easily one of the best concepts I’ve seen, and one which I could imagine becoming a reality.

Sadly, just because I can imagine it, doesn’t mean it will ever be a reality. Apple has been moving some features from iOS to Mac over the past 2-3 years, but, I don’t think it’ll ever blur the lines so much that the two become indistinguishable.

Source: TodaysiPhone.