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Contactless credit and debit cards are only just starting to take off in the USA, but with Apple Pay driving merchants to introduce contactless payment terminals, you are increasingly likely to find that RFID symbol on your bank cards when you receive replacements.

We’ve had contactless cards in Europe for a few years now, and they’re even more convenient than Apple Pay for low-value transactions. For anything up to £30 ($46), you don’t need to verify the transaction in any way: just tap your card against the terminal. You can even do this without taking the card out of your wallet. (Bank guarantees protect you against fraudulent transactions.)

Convenient, that is, unless you have more than one contactless card in your wallet. This can either lead to the wrong card being debited or, more usually, cause the transaction to fail. Truffol has come up with an iPhone 6 wallet case specifically designed to solve this problem …

The slim leather case has two card slots. The outer one is designed to hold the contactless card you want to use by default. You can leave this card in the case and just touch the whole case against the payment terminal to make a purchase.

The inner slot is lined with what is essentially a very thin Faraday cage: a mesh wire embedded into the pocket to block radio signals. The inner card can’t be read by contactless terminals while it’s in the case. If you want to use that card, you instead remove it from the wallet.

I’ve tested it on several transactions, and it worked exactly as advertised. The card in the outer pocket was read when I held the back of the case to the terminal, the one in the inner pocket wasn’t.

The case would also be handy for anyone nervous about accidental payments or scams. While contactless cards only operate at very short range (in the order of six inches), there are RFID skimming systems out there. Potentially someone could read your card while standing close behind you in a queue or in an elevator, the kit hidden inside a bag. If you’re worried about that, just carry one contactless card and keep it in the inner pocket.

The iPhone snaps easily in and out of the plastic holder inside the case, but you will rarely need to. There’s a cut out for the power switch at the side, another for the camera at the rear.

The leather is cowhide, which is a hard leather with a relatively rough surface. My own tastes run more toward smooth, soft leathers, but this is a very personal thing–others prefer textured leather.


There’s also an earpiece cutout at the front. This solves one of the usual irritations with fully-enclosed cases: you have to completely open the case and fold the front flap around behind the phone to make a call. With this one, you can speak on the phone with the case closed (the microphone doesn’t need a cutout as it’s on the bottom of the phone, which is not enclosed).


The volume buttons and mute switch are covered, but the leather is thin enough to comfortably operate the volume controls through the spine of the case during a call. The mute switch is accessible with the case open.


With the case closed, it’s slimmer than most wallet cases.

The case is supplied with a clear screen protector, cleaning cloth and applicator. I’m not a fan of screen protectors so didn’t use this myself, but the complete package is great value at $29.99. In fact the whole thing looks more expensive than it is, from the elegant packaging to the metal embossed plate on the back of the case. If you have contactless cards already, and are concerned about either card-clash or skimming, this is a neat solution.

The Truffol Intelli Classic iPhone 6 wallet case with RFID protection is available for $29.99 from Truffol’s Amazon store. It is eligible for Prime delivery.

Best iPhone 6/Plus wallet cases: Pad and Quill Little Pocket Book and SurfacePad from TwelveSouth.

iphone-6-wallet case

For all of its greatness, Apple Pay hasn’t nearly killed the need to take your wallet with you wherever you go. But if you are like me, it has lightened your load a little bit. Instead of carrying around 5 credit cards, I now carry around one each of debit and credit. Combine that with some other de-Costanzifications (scan insurance cards and health club cards for instance) I’ve made recently, I can now consolidate my wallet into a few card slots.

What I’m getting at here is that I can follow the lead of my wife and now consolidate my iPhone and my wallet finally. I’ve chosen two amazing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases from my favorite iPhone case manufacturers to get me there: Pad and Quill’s Little Pocket Book ($60 -$10 off for Black Friday) and Twelve South’s $39 Surfacepad

First up here is the Twelve South Surfacepad for iPhone 6. If you are at all familiar with Twelve South’s lineup, which has been around for 2 years, you know you are getting a top notch hand-crafted cover for the iPhone 6. On the inside you have a soft leather that provides an automatic dust cover/wiper for your iPhone, and on the outside you have quality stitched leather in four color options. I chose white to match the white/silver iPhone 6.

The back is ‘stickied’ onto the iPhone 6 and can be removed and added again a number of times (I am about six add/removes in and it still works great).

I beat the Hell out of my iPhone and these leather cases hold up for many months – perhaps even a year under harsh conditions. This year with the bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Twelve South added two slots for credit cards or a driver’s license which is huge. You can double up and maybe fit four cards in the ‘wallet’, but then you are already compromising the tight fit and finish of the case when it is closed.

The downside of the SurfacePad from Twelve South is that it doesn’t provide side impact protection for the iPhone 6. While this keeps the package slim, it kind of eliminates the whole reason to have a case to begin with: protection. You are pretty much naked when dropping the iPhone on its edges here. Sure the back and front are covered, but the edges are where you are more likely to take a hit.

And that brings up my second issue: although I’ve slimmed down my wallet, I do need to carry around a few more cards. That leads us to…


iPhone 6 Little PocketBook by Pad and Quill ($10 off today/Monday only). So my card usage is down, but I still need to carry around a license, a credit card and a few miscellaneous cards (and cash!) that blow out the SurfacePad. Not so for the luxurious Little Pocketbook by Pad and Quill. Like all Pad and Quill cases before, this is a serious wow! item with thick leather bound by heavy duty stitching and wood interior.

Like a Bentley or Rolls Royce of iPhone 6/Plus cases, this one is also very large as you can see in the gallery below, but you can pretty much drop this from your roof onto a diamond floor and expect not to see even a scuff. As for the leather, it is much, much thicker than the SurfacePad and will easily outlast your iPhone 6’s usability

Wrap up:

I ended up going with the Little Pocket Book by Pad and Quill after using both for a few weeks. The SurfacePad is awesome and will have many happy users, especially at its $39.99 price tag, pleasant color selection and super-thin profile.

But for me, the Little Pocket Book’s luxury, ruggedness, protection and full wallet utility were easily worth the extra thickness and $70 $60.

And don’t forget you can always get best iPhone 6/Plus wallet cases deal from our iRumors store.