Apple Store employees file lawsuit over security searches.

Two former Apple Store employees have filed a lawsuit against Apple over claims that they were not paid whilst undergoing security searches at work.

Apple store employees must submit to a personal package and bag search when clocking out for a break and at the end of every shift. The searches can take up to 15 minutes.

Apple Store

One of the employees involved claims to have worked between 50 -90 minutes of unpaid overtime each shift. That could be worth $1,400 in uncompensated hours. The lawsuit is looking to end this practice, whilst seeking compensation for all employees who may also have been forced to work uncompensated overtime.

The lawsuit covers:  “[a]ll Apple Hourly Employees who worked in an Apple, Inc. retail store in the United States, who are or were employed within the three years preceding the filing of this action by the Defendant, and who were: (a) not compensated for off-the-clock time spent waiting in security screening lines and undergoing personal package and bag searches before being allowed to leave the premises; and/or (b) were not fully compensated for this time worked over forty hours per week at overtime rates.”

Because this is a class action lawsuit, it covers all Apple store employees. It will be really interesting to see whether the lawsuit does indeed fall upon a legitimate claim, because Apple may well have to pay out a fairly substantial sum of money in order to compensate for unpaid hours.

Source: TodaysiPhone.

Apple employees about Job’s role in the new Maps app, and how things have changed since he died.

Bloomberg Businessweek has published a story entitled “Mapping a Path Out of Steve Job’s Shadow”, which contains Apple employees discussing life after Job’s death, and his role in the new Maps app.

Here is an extract explaining how things at Apple have changed:

“There’s also more office politics and some concern that Jobs’s departure and the arrival of thousands of new employees will dilute the culture. Nevertheless, the company is happier and even somewhat more transparent than it was during Jobs’s tenure, these insiders say. There are fewer frantic calls at midnight, and there’s less implicit pressure on engineers to cut short or cancel vacations in the heat of product development cycles. No one would say Apple is better off without Steve Jobs. But to a surprising degree, it’s doing fine… Much about the company’s direction and even its products still reflects Jobs’s decisions and design preferences—the iPhone 5 was the last model to receive detailed input from Jobs, say two people familiar with the phone’s development.”

And another, this time discussing Job’s role in Apple’s new Maps app:

“It’s possible that Jobs would have nixed the app before launch, but that’s not certain. Siri, the iPhone’s hapless voice assistant, was introduced under Jobs, though it was branded beta. Apple insiders say Jobs himself initiated the mapping project, putting mobile software chief Forstall in charge, and he installed a secret team on the third floor of Building 2 on Apple’s campus to replace Google Maps on the iPhone… Jobs also discussed pulling Google search from the iPhone, but figured that customers would reject that move, according to two former Apple executives.”

Source: todaysiphone.