After the iPhone 5s launch, it’s time to let the iPhone 6 concepts roll …


Render: Nikola Cirkovic

The iPhone 6 concepts of course started appearing even before the iPhone 5s was launched, but now that the new handsets are old news, the concept bandwagon is gathering speed.

Apple is known to be testing a variety of handset sizes, but has always said a phone should be usable with one hand, which rules out any of the more tablet-like sizes out there. An obvious way to increase the screen size without greatly increasing the external dimensions of the phone is work on reducing the size of the bezel.

Apple already did this with the iPad Air (though in that case to reduce the dimensions while retaining the screen size). That’s the approach we see in what I consider to be one of the most realistic concepts out there …

Mechanical engineering student Nikola Cirkovic put together a series of renderings of a design very similar to the iPhone 5s, but with a near-invisible ultra-thin bezel at each side. Possibly a little thinner than might prove possible to manufacture, but certainly along the lines I’d expect Apple to adopt.


The gallery shows both Space Gray and Silver models, but no gold. I like the fact that Cirkovic has resisted the temptation to get carried away. The larger screen size and thin bezels aside, it follows all the design cues of the existing phone.





A curved screen with the curve the wrong way, maximising reflections and leaving the vulnerable screen facing out in your pocket …


The iPhone 3GS revisited …


The just plain weird (ok, he wants to project a keyboard onto the desk, so there is the semblence of method in his madness, but still) …


Bonus points for a concept that would make the phone unusable in landscape mode, turning the whole of the base surface into a touch-sensitive home button …


I didn’t think the concepts could get much dumber than this …


But it turns out I was wrong:


(You won’t believe how many variations on that there are out there.)

Source: 9to5Mac.

iPhone 6 with bigger screen coming in September 2014.


There have been rumors floating all around the internet since even before the iPhone 5s launch that the next generation iPhone, presumably to be called the iPhone 6, will be sporting a larger display. Well, another rumor out of Japan’s Macotakara and MacFan magazine are saying that the device will indeed come equipped with a 5 inch, 1920×1080 display (full 1080p HD), which would put its PPI at around 440 pixels per inch. That is some insanely high resolution for such a display size.

he thing about Apple’s next generation phone, however, that would make it stand out, is that the rumor says Apple’s main focus is making it easy to use in one hand. The rumor states that this ease of use would be one of the main focuses of the iPhone 6, especially when it came to marketing the device. There’s not much of a track record for the magazine that this information is coming out of, so there isn’t really a way to judge how accurate or completely off the mark this may be. That said, take this with as much salt as you wish.

It’s doubtful that Apple would release anything larger than 5 inches, but some rumors have said that the company has tested prototypes with displays up to 6 inches. However if one handed use is going to be a main focus – the rumor says marketing will call it the “first large phone for one handed use” – than it is unlikely the 6 inch version will make the cut very easily. If Apple were to increase the display size of the phone, it could easily pack in a larger battery, hopefully setting to rest all of the battery woes that consumers complain about today (personally, the iPhone 5s battery is fine for me, but more is always welcome).