Hidden iOS 10 features Apple didn’t show us

iOS 10

Apple’s first preview of iOS 10 was jam-packed with new features and improvements, but there are plenty that we didn’t get to hear about during the WWDC keynote. Here’s a long list of new things you can look forward to using this fall.

  • Read receipts by conversation in iMessage
  • iCloud Drive Desktop folder
  • iCloud Drive Documents folder
  • Air Quality Index for China
  • Faster Camera launch
  • Continuity Clipboard
  • Autocorrect improvements for Korean and Thai
  • Unlimited tabs in Safari
  • Male and female Siri voices for Russia, Spain and Italy
  • Definition dictionary in Danish
  • Live Photos stabilization
  • Markup in Messages
  • Side-by-side Mail compose on iPad
  • Location suggestions in Calendar
  • New iPad Camera UI
  • Live filters for Live Photos
  • Discover section in iBooks
  • Improved Auto Enhance in the Photos app
  • Faster FaceTime connectivity
  • CarPlay app recording
  • Rest and type iPad keyboard
  • Sort Favorites in News
  • Bilingual dictionaries in Dutch and Italian
  • Apple Pay in Safari
  • Mail suggested move folder
  • Air quality in Maps for China
  • Found in Messages
  • Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos
  • Mail filters
  • CarPlay on ultrawide screens
  • Siri for South Africa and Ireland
  • Definition dictionary in Traditional Chinese
  • Avoid tolls in Maps
  • Mailbox column
  • Faster attachment sending in Messages

Many of these changes are pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll have to wait until developers get their hands on the first iOS 10 beta to see what some of these features do. I’m particularly interested in the “rest and type” keyboard for iPad, and side-by-side Mail compose.

If you are a registered developer, you can download and install the first iOS 10 beta. It’s obviously best to avoid this release if you only have one device, because it won’t be stable yet. The rest of us will have to wait until it rolls out in the fall.

Concept imagines dark mode + split screen features for iPhone 7 & iOS 10 | 9to5Mac

Apple already has a dark mode on Mac and a split-screen feature for iPads, but this latest concept from iHelpBR imagines what it might look like if the company brought those two features over to iPhone users in iOS 10.

It’s not the first concept to suggest Apple should bring a dark theme to iOS to give the UI a color palette that’s a little easier on the eyes than the current, mostly bright white design. Apple already has a Dark Mode for Mac OS X that offers a darker color palette for the menu bar and other UI elements, not to be confused with the new Night Shift features introduced in iOS 9.3 that automatically adjust the colors in your display for an ideal viewing experience at night. 

Earlier this week Apple updated its WWDC app with a new dark theme on iOS in addition to a companion app for Apple TV users. The concept above used that as inspiration, creating a design that utilizes some of Apple’s own darker color choices from the updated WWDC app.

And the theme also explores what split-screen and picture in picture features from iPad might look like on an iPhone, two features that we noted need a bit of attention in our WWDC Feature Request earlier today


How to restore older versions of iOS apps

It's not easy, but you can restore old versions of apps on iOS.

Usually, an app update is a good thing. But sometimes, things go wrong: An update does the opposite of what you expect it to do. In that scenario, you want to roll your apps back, but unfortunately, at least on the iOS and Mac App Stores, Apple makes that seemingly impossible.

But it isn’t impossible — just a little tricky. Here’s how to roll your iOS apps back to an older version when things go wrong.

Over on Medium, Kenny Yin posted a list of instructions on how to legally download any previous version of an App Store app through iTunes.

There’s a lot of steps, so we’ll let you check it out there. But if you’d rather follow a video walkthrough, Jeff Benjamin  has put together a useful explainer of the process.

This isn’t a process most people will need to undertake, but in the off chance you’ve installed an update that has broken your workflow, this could be a real lifesaver.

Protect yourself from massive iOS security breach.

False versions of Xcode may have gotten into your apps; here's how to fix the problem.

Apple has now been affected by the worst security snafu in iOS history when it found that hundreds of apps, mostly in the Chinese App Store, have malicious code in them, called “XcodeGhost.”

Apple’s pulled the affected apps from the App Store to contain the security breach, but you’ll still need to take a few more steps to make sure your iOS devices aren’t affected. Here’s what you need to do.

The otherwise legit apps were infected by developers who used a counterfeit version of Xcode from Chinese file-sharing service, Baidu, since it was faster to download than the official Apple version of Xcode. Doing so, however, caused the bad code to proliferate and cause this massive iOS security breach.

Since Apple doesn’t allow access to any API’s that a security company would need to know whether malicious code was in any installed apps, says mobile security firm Lookout, you have to protect yourself manually.

  • First off, keep an eye out for any odd dialogue boxes that show up on your screen. Don’t enter any information without being sure of the source.
  • If you’re running any of the affected apps — delete them and wait for a developer patch.
    • WeChat
    • Didi Chuxing
    • Angry Birds 2
    • NetEase
    • Micro Channel
    • IFlyTek input
    • Railway 12306
    • The Kitchen
    • Card Safe
    • CITIC Bank move card space
    • China Unicom Mobile Office
    • High German map
    • Jane book
    • Eyes Wide
    • Lifesmart
    • Mara Mara
    • Medicine to force
    • Himalayan
    • Pocket billing
    • Flush
    • Quick asked the doctor
    • Lazy weekend
    • Microblogging camera
    • Watercress reading
    • CamScanner
    • CamCard
    • SegmentFault
    • Stocks open class
    • Hot stock market
    • Three new board
    • The driver drops
    • OPlayer
    • Mercury
    • WinZip
    • Musical.ly
    • PDFReader
    • Perfect365
    • PDFReader Free
    • WhiteTile
    • IHexin
    • WinZip Standard
    • MoreLikers2
    • CamScanner Lite
    • MobileTicket
    • iVMS-4500
    • OPlayer Lite
    • QYER
    • golfsense
    • Ting
    • Golfsensehd
    • Wallpapers10000
    • CSMBP-AppStore
    • MSL108
    • TinyDeal.com
    • snapgrab copy
    • iOBD2
    • PocketScanner
    • CuteCUT
    • AmHexinForPad
    • SuperJewelsQuest2
    • air2
    • InstaFollower
    • CamScanner Pro
    • baba
    • WeLoop
    • DataMonitor
    • MSL070
    • nice dev
    • immtdchs
    • OPlayer
    • FlappyCircle
    • BiaoQingBao
    • SaveSnap
    • Guitar Master
    • jin
    • WinZip Sector
    • Quick Save
  • If any of the listed apps is on your iPhone or iPad, change your Apple account password and be wary of any phishing attempts to get it.


Activision commits to Apple TV with big console games.

Another plastic guitar, another rock star in the making.

One of the biggest video gaming companies ever has just affirmed its support for the new Apple TV, itself just revealed this week by Apple.

Activision wrote a blog post detailing the games it will bring Skylanders SuperChargersGuitar Hero Live, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved to Apple TV, which shows a confidence in Apple’s ability to create yet another fantastic home for gaming as it did with iOS.

These aren’t casual like Crossy Road (though those types of games will do well on the big screen, too), but full console versions of popular titles.

Guitar Hero Live will come with its own Bluetooth-enabled plastic guitar controller, letting you play the rock star on the big screen via Apple TV. You’ll also be able to play the game on the go via your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. This is a game that hasn’t even come out yet for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and older consoles, so having it as a launch-day game on Apple TV is quite the coup.

This is console-level gaming for your Apple TV.

Skylanders SuperChargers will come with a Bluetooth-enabled portal, an embedded Bluetooth controller, and even a built-in stand. Progress in the game on your Apple TV will sync across all your iOS devices, too, making this value-add pretty compelling. If you’ve already got Skylanders Trap Team’s portal and controller, it will work with this new game as well. This is also a game available on console, providing feature parity with Apple’s upcoming set top box.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved released on PC and consoles last year, mobile devices this year. Activision promises to bring it to Apple TV and iPad Pro (!) this fall. It’s a fast-paced arcade-style shooter with neon colors and a revamped online coop mode so you can blast aliens with a buddy. Imagine playing it on your Apple TV, then switching over to your iPad and playing with Apple Pencil as a controller. Wow.

Sure, the Apple TV won’t have the horsepower of a gaming console like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but it won’t have to. With these kinds of games coming to the $169 Apple TV, the market of people who actually need to buy a dedicated gaming device just got smaller.

Apple is working on fix for newly discovered ‘FREAK’ security bug.

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

A newly discovered security bug has secretly left Safari users on both iOS and OS X vulnerable to attacks on hundreds of thousands of websites for years.

The ‘FREAK’ security flaw was exposed today by a group of nine researchers who discovered web browsers could be forced to use an intentionally-weakened form of encryption. FREAK effects iPhones, Macs, and Android browsers, but Apple’s spokesman says the company will release a fix next week.

Google’s representatives still haven’t commented on the FREAK security flaw, which is a result of U.S. government regulations that banned American companies from exporting the strong encryption standards. The restrictions were lifted in the late 90’s, but the weaker encryption was baked into software that proliferated around the world, and then made it back to the United States.

The bug was dubbed FREAK, for ‘Factoring RSA-EXPORT Keys’ and enables attackers to spy on communications of users with vulnerable software. The flaw went unnoticed for over a decade and left users vulnerable when visiting hundreds of thousands of websites, including Whitehouse.gov, NSA.gov, and FBI.gov.

Once a site was cracked, the researchers found they could steal passwords and other personal info, or launch attacks on the web sites by taking over elements of the page. Researchers found that Whitehouse.gov and FBI.gov have already been fixed, but NSA.gov is still vulnerable.